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Carcharo was a mutant, a human born with shark like characteristics after his mother was experimented on during pregnancy by the insane Dr. Love, who was also responsible for the creation of both the supervillain team Helix and the second Wildcat (in reality Carcharo's cousin, Yolanda Montez). Carcharo's mother tried to drown both herself and her baby when she first saw what she had given birth to, but he survived thanks to his gills and grew up in the ocean, where he learned he could mentally control a group of 40 foot long sharks (Megaladons, a species previously believed extinct). As an adult, Carcharo, driven by hatred and power lust, caused chaos on the coast of California but was challenged by his cousin, Wildcat. He defeated her but was subsequently defeated himself by her teammates in Infinity Inc. He resurfaced in a short lived alliance with Helix and fought Infinity Inc again, but was impaled on a sharp piece of metal while battling Helix's leader Mr Bones, whom he had tried to usurp. He died, but not before biting off Mr Bones' lower leg.



enemy of Infinity Inc.



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