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Carmen Leno and Bonny Hoffman are assassins who work for Requiem, Inc., an agency for hired killers. Bonny, daughter of a crimelord, wants to prove her worth to her father, while Carmen, a former pornographic film actress, hopes to become a legitimate film actress. Both women meet and become assassins who use many types of hi-tech weapons, often concealed in, or disguised as, makeup accessories.

Bonny's uncle Nick hires the Body Doubles for their first job, which brings them into conflict with Resurrection Man. The two later work for a beauty-obsessed alien warrior named Mystress, who wants to use the energies of female superheroes to rejuvenate her appearance and for whom the Body Doubles kidnap Argent, Power Girl and Deep Blue. The two also try to kill Catwoman during her campaign for mayor of New York City, but they are defeated.

They continue to work for Uncle Nick, murdering assigned victims while pursuing their dreams. The Body Doubles, as of Villains United #1, have joined the Secret Society of Super Villains, as well as having aided the Riddler and several other villains in Gotham City in Infinite Crisis #1.

The Body Doubles are members of the new Injustice League, and as such are brought to the Planet Salvation, a distant planet filled with deadly technology used by Amanda Waller as a permanent prison for metahuman and costumed villains, forcing them to behave or die. The Body Doubles use the wounded Hellhound, on the pretense of helping him, as bait to let their group escape from alien beasts. They end up in the main group saved by Lex Luthor, with which they are returned to Earth.




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