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Quote1 I like fire! Quote2
-- Carol Vance, age 5 src

Orphaned in a forest fire in which she herself almost died, Carol Vance was saved by the Lord of Fire, who gave her the power to control and create flames. She was adopted by the wealthy Martin family and as a teenager decided to use her powers to battle injustice as Wildfire. She was active in the early 1940s, battling foes such as the Flame Cult[1] and the Dean of Darkness.[2]


  • Pyrokinesis: She is able to create and control fire and form objects from it (flame darts, shields, etc.)
  • Flight
  • Divination: Her flames are able to point to hidden enemies.

Strength level

  • Superhuman Strength She once threw an armored car across a field, smashing it against a tree.
  • Wildfire was at one point intended to be a member of the All-Star Squadron, but DC vetoed the idea, as there was already a character called Wildfire active in another team book, Legion of Super-Heroes. The character of Firebrand was created instead to fill her slot in the Squadron.



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