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Carole "Carrie" Donahue, alias Vapor is was an environmentalist with the metahuman power to transform herself into a cloud of acidic mists. She was recruited into a team of superheroes the Conglomerate. It was established by private companies and led by Booster Gold.

Carrie's powers are the result of a latent metagene, as is often the case with spontaneous superpowers. Claire Montgomery, a powerful businesswoman, recruited Vapor join the Conglomerate, which as a team services to several corporate sponsors.

Like many new super teams, they eventually came up against the premier team of heroes the Justice League. Carrie has a very low regard for the heroes, considering them a pathetic joke after they violated the United Nations protocol by the removing dictator of the nation of San Sebor. The Conglomerate's existence however was short-lived and Carrie returned to her first love and became a spokesperson for a group of environmentalists.


  • Vapor Form: Carrie can transmute her body either as a whole or just parts of it into a cloud of gaseous vapor. She could also excrete gases from her mouth, which could be knock-out gas or a corrosive acidic cloud.




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