Quote1 It's been a long while since I made someone bleed. Time to go hunting. Quote2
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Carter Hall

Carter and his wife Shayera Hall were cursed thousands of years ago so that they would live to see each other die, forever. In the 1970's, when he was with the Justice Society of America, he was their leader. As their leader, he made many mistakes. Carter was close with many members of his team; he even married Shayera, who became Hawkgirl. When she was killed, he went after her murderer, the first Icicle, and put him in a catatonic state. He and most of the other JSA members were taken into custody, but he eventually got out and started to take care of his long-time friend and ally Kent Nelson.

In season nine since the dissolution of the JSA, Carter took care of Kent Nelson and looked after the JSA's old headquarters. When Clark Kent came to tell Carter about the deaths of Sylvester Pemberton and Wesley Dodds, Carter simply told Clark to leave. He then enlisted Doctor Fate and Stargirl, who later befriended another hero team consisting of Clark, Chloe Sullivan, Oliver Queen, and John Jones.

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Carter talks to Oliver

Begrudgingly, Carter and Oliver seemed to learn a few things from one another. The two groups of heroes finally acted as one when Icicle, wearing the Helmet of Nabu, tried to kill them all, but their combined forces were able to stop Icicle and retrieve the helmet. Carter then took the helmet to the museum and placed it on its mantle, where it awaits another successor. He revealed to Clark that he had contacted the rest of his surviving friends and invited them and their own protégés to restart the JSA.

Some months later, Carter and Courtney joined Clark and Chloe's team of heroes to battle General Zod and his army, along with John, Black Canary, and Cyborg. He wanted to launch a full-scale attack against the Kandorians against Clark's wishes, but was talked down from it. Carter was the first to salute Clark on his choice to leave Earth in order to stop the Kandorians, before signing off.

For a few weeks, Carter had been having visions that indicated he would soon reunite with Shayera in another life; he knew that he would go out fighting soon. At Clark's behest to watch over her while she was there in Egypt, Carter introduced himself to the reporter Lois Lane, whom he had found looking at his discovered papyruses in his tent. Carter reported back to Clark that Lois was safe, and realizing that she knew Clark's secret, related at distance the story of himself and his beloved wife Shayera, from his past life as Prince Khufu. They shared a bottle of whiskey while he tried to affirm to her that she was important to Clark's destiny. Partially due to being quite drunk on whiskey, and possibly because he had been having recurrent visions of her of late, Carter had a vision of Shayera in Lois's place and leaned in to kiss her. Lois slapped him and stormed off but after realizing what might have been wrong she forgave him and explained that she knew who he was, the prince of his story. In the midst of all this, Carter had washed his face in a water basin, not knowing that a chemical tracer was put in it by a disguised Plastique, thus tagging him with the mark of the Suicide Squad.

After Lois was possessed by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, Clark tried to call him so he could help him to release Lois, but he couldn't find Carter.

Later, Carter is present at Lois and Clark's surprise engagement party at Watchtower, which Tess Mercer threw. He congratulated the pair and spoke with Ollie about Chloe. When Slade Wilson kidnapped Lois, Carter dueled the corrupted general before he was impaled through the back with Slade's sword during their battle a lamp near a gas tank exploded and Carter used his wings which were set a blaze to protect Lois from getting burned however the shock wave of the blast from the explosion sent Lois hurtling out the window and plummeting down into the street below. With the last bit of his strength Carter flew down with his wings on fire to save Lois. Falling to the street below Carter shielded Lois from suffering the impact by protecting her in his wings. Clark arrived on the scene to hear Carter's last words of encouragement to him as well as reassurance that Clark had all the help he'd ever need with Lois by his side. Clark and Lois with the rest of the Justice League took Carter's body to be buried in Egypt in the same sarcophagus chamber as his beloved wife Shayera.




  • A Hawkman action figure briefly appeared in the episode "Action".



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