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Carter Nichols is a Gotham City scientist specializing in time travel and hypnosis. Having developed a time-ray machine, he decided to use his invention for the power of good. He becomes an ally to
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Carter Nichols lived in Gotham City in the dimensional reality commonly referred to as Earth-Two. An exact counterpart to Professor Nichols likewise existed on Earth-One, and shared the exact same personality and background. No distinction is to be made between the Earth-One and Earth-Two versions of this character.

Professor Nichols was a respected scientist living in Gotham City who developed a means of displacing physical bodies into the time stream by way of hypnosis. His procedure earned him the attention of Gotham's resident crime fighters, Batman and Robin, who often relied upon the Professor's genius in order to solve crimes involving time travel. In several instances, Professor Nichols also used his technique to send the Kryptonian hero, Superman, backwards through time.

After years of experimentation, Nichols made a scientific breakthrough when he actually developed a Time-Ray. No longer requiring the power of hypnosis to accomplish his goals, he could now transmit bodies of matter backwards and forwards through time with his new invention.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Professor Nichols did not possess super-powers of any kind.


Carter Nichols was a scientific genius, proficient in all fields of scientific research, engineering and quantum theory.

Strength level

Professor Nichols possessed the strength level of an elderly man his size and weight who engaged in no regular exercise.



Time-Ray machine


  • Carter Nichols' existence was exclusive to the realities of Earth-One and Earth-Two. As Earth-One and Earth-Two were destroyed following the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, all references to this version of Carter Nichols are considered apocryphal by the standards of the modern DC Universe continuity.



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