Cassandra Cain was a covert operative employed by Batman. She revealed herself to the rest of the Batman Family when they encountered the threat of the mysterious Mother.


Cassandra was the daughter of David Cain, an operative named "Orphan", who worked as an assassin for Mother. He raised Cassandra alone and forced her not to speak but to "listen" to body movements and react accordingly, with deadly precision. She was intended to be a "gift" to Mother, to show her that child assassins could be manipulated through "the old ways" instead through the use of drugs. Mother rejected her and told Orphan never to do anything behind her back again. Nonetheless, she was used by Mother in the field. She was sent to kill Miranda Row, mother of Batman's ally Harper Row.

Batman and Robin Eternal

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As Orphan, Cassandra is later inducted into Batman and Batwoman's "boot camp" for young Gotham vigilantes. [1] Orphan is known for being the best fighter on the team. She tries to fight the team's battles alone and is known for sneaking into Stephanie Brown's apartment in the middle of the night. When Batman is attacked by the Colony, she tries to take them on by herself and is left injured and later sedated after leading the Colony into their base. Clayface, helps Batwoman, Red Robin, Spoiler, and the injured Orphan escape.

Lady Shiva

After the Victim Syndicate Batman began working with Mayor Hady to lower the corruption levels in the city. One evening the Bat travelled to meet with the mayor where he found him dying impaled on his wall, the mayor told Batman in his dying breath that the League of Shadows did this. The League then replicated the Joker's initial attack by killing a news team with Laughing Gas. The team then received news that people were fighting each other on the streets due to being effected by the gas. Upon arriving at the scene Orphan discovered that they'd walked into a trap as the citizens were actually League members.[2] Orphan spotted the group leader on a rooftop and went to confront her.
Orphan taking on the League of Shadows

Orphan taking on the League of Shadows
After a small fight the figure beat her because of unwillingness it strike a killing blow, the figure then introduced herself as Lady Shiva- Cassandra's mother. Shiva and the League then left the scene with Azrael and Batwing promising to destroy Gotham for her daughter's weakness.[3] Cassandra was put on house arrest by Batman so she wouldn't do anything rash, however Clayface let her go confront Shiva. Orphan confronted her mother but was once again defeated due to her holding back.[4]

After this Shiva systematically took down all the Knights and brought them to her hide out underneath the city. Realizing that holding back wouldn't work Orphan stormed the fortress taking down every Shadows member in her way.[5] Eventually she got to the Knights and freed them where they were being held next to a nuke that would destroy Gotham, the whole team then confronted Lady Shiva.[6] Shiva began beating the Knights making Batwoman and Clayface retreat, with Batman sending Azrael and Batwing to defuse the nuke. Orphan managed to defeat her mother when Ra's al Ghul arrived on the scene and shot Shiva. Ra's then took the all the League members including Shiva and then disarmed the nuke before leaving.[7]


  • Acrobatics[2]
  • Dancing: Cassandra learnt how to dance by watching ballerinas, she often incorporates this dancing into her fighting in a similar fashion to capoeira.[8]
  • Martial Arts: Cassandra is one of the best trained martial artists in the world. Batman himself even stated that he would lose if he had to fight her.[2]
  • Peak Human Condition: Due to being trained to fight since birth Cassandra is in the peak physical condition for her age.
    • Peak Human Strength
    • Peak Human Durability
    • Peak Human Stamina: Cassandra was able to fight an entire army of League ninjas without slowing until she had defeated all of them.
  • Stealth: Orphan was able to perform a disappearing act on Batman.[8]
  • Tactical Analysis: Due to her upbringing Cassandra can pinpoint weak spots in every opponent she faces, this also allows her to read body language very well.[8]
  • Weaponry: Cassandra is an expert in many types of melee weaponry, including axes, maces and many more.[2]


  • Limited Speech: Cassandra has limited speech due to her upbringing, in which she was taught to read body language rather then being taught English.


  • Grapple Gun: Cassandra frequently utilizes a grappling gun not unlike that used by Batman.




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