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Quote1 Ha! Has thou spent all thy time in the arena and none in the temple? Truly thou art after mine own heart! Little one I be an Olympian. I be the settler of dispute. I be blood! I be guts! I be Iron! I BE WAR! Quote2
--Ares (Prime Earth)

Quote1 "He's here to kill," screams the assassin holding a knife. He now mutters, "I'm only here to drink." He then wonders, might this assassin's blood quench his thirst? Quote2

--Ares (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I can’t live if I’m not the God of War. And you can’t live with it if I am. Quote2

--Ares (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Well, let's do the introduction, then. I already know who you are, Diana of Themyscira, Princess and Champion. I'm Ares. Welcome to my prison. Quote2

--Ares (Prime Earth)