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This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth).

It may not be the definitive list, so please add any important quotations that may be missing, ensuring to cite the original source.
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Quote1 I'm Arthur Curry, all right. Arthur Joseph Curry. But I don't know any "Orin," and I'm no Aquaman. Quote2
--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 I never said I was a hero. Never said I saved anyone. Never said I was Aquaman... Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm not Aquaman. They got the wrong guy. They can get someone else to get their Aqua-cat out of their Aqua-tree, or whatever. Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 I carry a sword. I live underwater. I talk to ghosts. Damn right I'm crazy. Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 It's different when it's right in front of you. When something has to be done right then and there, that's easy. Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 Oh, great. More leftovers from the first guy. Look, buddy -- Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 So we're supposed to be afraid of some god? Isn't that like being afraid of the Easter Bunny or something? Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 The sword doesn't look so cheesy when it's in your face, huh? Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

Quote1 You do as you will and expect people to thank you for it. I will never understand this about you, Superman. It never once occurred to you that the world wouldn't be grateful for a savior. Quote2

--Arthur Joseph Curry (New Earth)

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