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Quote1 Sorry, but the prisoner has other plans. Quote2
--Brin Londo (LSHAU)

Quote1 Then let's make sure this is one dream that doesn't come true. Quote2

--Brin Londo (LSHAU)

Quote1 I say... give it to the new guy. Quote2

--Brin Londo (LSHAU)

Quote1 Heroes aren't supposed to attack other heroes... but today I guess I'll make an exception! Quote2

--Brin Londo (LSHAU)
Quote1 To the Legion of Super Heroes, I make this solemn pledge, to use my powers for good, to fight for justice, and protect the innocent. To aid my fellow Legionnaires in times of peril, and keep their secrets safe. I choose a new name to honor the heroes of the past. I am Timber Wolf! Quote2
--Brin Londo

Quote1Timber WolfQuote2: Why are you doing this?
Quote1Chameleon BoyQuote2: Because I'm your friend, you idiot, that's why.
Quote1Timber WolfQuote2: I don't have any friends.
Quote1Phantom GirlQuote2: Melodrama and self pity. A toxic combination.