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Quote1 You're too good for the world? Fine. It'll have to settle for me. Quote2
--Bruce Wayne (Futures End)

Quote1 ...Gotham must always have a Batman, no matter what happens to me. Always.'' Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Futures End)

Quote1 Couldn't let Max or anyone else take this on. Not with what's going down. The demon is my problem. No-one else's. Terry has no idea what he's walking into. How dangerous it is. That the demon is deadlier than he assumes. Not at all the man Terry thinks. He's far better trained. A master of numerous fighting styles. Incredibly fast, smart, supremely capable. Not older than me, like Terry expects. Younger. The true Ra's is gone. Replaced by my son, Damian. Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Futures End)

Quote1 Riddle me this. How do you trap the untrappable? You get them to trap themselves. Quote2

--Bruce Wayne (Futures End)