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Quote1 I've never been in a real, honest-to-goodness fist-fight until tonight. As a teenager, I was contemptuous of the wealth and society I was born into. I used to fantasize that I was actually Bruce Wayne instead. I would pretend that I was feigning my elitist lifestyle... as a cover in which to fight the forces of evil as the Batman. Securing the rights to portray Batman on film has been as much an escape for me as it is for the theatergoers. But now... Quote2
--Byron Wyatt (Hollywood Knight)

Quote1 Tell your boss that... I'm coming for him... and all who follow him... like a bat out of hell. Quote2

--Byron Wyatt (Hollywood Knight)

Quote1 I... I am NOT a comic-book character! Robin -- this book reveals my most guarded secrets... in vivid detail! Quote2

--Byron Wyatt (Hollywood Knight)