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Quote1 Yeah. Things wrapped up loud. The storm had finally broken. The Pale Horseman, he was still on his rampage. And he wasn't alone. Quote2
--Charles Raymond Williams (Astro City)

Quote1 I read that book she wrote, in the mid-eighties, after that business when Magus disappeared. It said she was the real power, and he just channeled it. All the big old spell-books written by men, that kind of thing. Quote2

--Charles Raymond Williams (Astro City)

Quote1 And they didn't know it, not right then, not right away -- but that's when reality tore -- and from beyond, something came -- driven by something in tune with their heartbeats, their pulse -- driven by thundering hoofbeats -- Quote2

--Charles Raymond Williams (Astro City)

Quote1 They'd been astronauts. The earth's best and bravest. Quote2

--Charles Raymond Williams (Astro City)