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Quote1 Y'know, this must be how ordinary people feel. This must be how ordinary people feel around us. Quote2
--Daniel Dreiberg (Watchmen)

Quote1 Are you saying I don't know when someone's going to come? You're blushing under that mask again, aren't you? Quote2

--Daniel Dreiberg (Watchmen)

Quote1 I mean...there I was, hanging out with a real hero, being his friend and everything. Being a crime-fighter, y'know? Like part of a brotherhood or something...That's why I sort of regretted the Crimebusters falling through back in sixty-whenever-it-war. It would have been like joining the Knights of the Round Table.; being part of a fellowship of legendary beings...but eventually I realized the Comedian was right: it's all crap dressed up with a lot of flash and thunder. I mean, who needs all the hardware to catch hookers and purse-snatchers? I mean really. Quote2

--Daniel Dreiberg (Watchmen)

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