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Quote1 I am not one of your people, Bast. And I am not yours to command. But I do not need to open my book to know the fate of all Gods. You know it well enough yourself. Quote2
--Destiny (New Earth)

Quote1 I am Destiny. I am what must happen, will it or not. And I am your brother. If I could live your life for you, I would. But that is not within my power. Quote2

--Destiny (New Earth)

Quote1 Heed these words I now implant within your mind... obey them or the fate of all those about you will suffer in ways best left unspoken! Quote2

--Destiny (New Earth)

Quote1 I am Destiny... and many are threads of fate I weave... hidden even from the greatest seer! All the knowledge found in all the books ever written cannot tell a person how to escape his destiny! Quote2

--Destiny (New Earth)