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This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by Ganglios (Pre-Zero Hour).

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Quote1 Great Mother Ocean! Quote2
--Ganglios (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 To stop him... I might have to lobotomize him... which goes against... everything I believe in... but to delay... this course... could cost Dawnstar her life. I have made... many compromises... since becoming Legion... am I willing to make this one...? Quote2

--Ganglios (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 These fashions relate... to a cultural phenomenon... called the Kardashians... an obsession... which occupies... the minds of many. Quote2

--Ganglios (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 How is it you do not lose yourself in a cosmos you can hold in your mind? Quote2

--Ganglios (Pre-Zero Hour)