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Quote1 Remember when all the other kids on the block had Superman and Batman as positive role models? Well, if you could identify with a human brain in a metal body or a guy wrapped up in bandages and if you grew up weird, welcome home. You're among friends now. Quote2
--Grant Morrison

Quote1 To me it comes down to a very simple equation. Life plus significance equals magic. Quote2

--Grant Morrison

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Quote1 Grant Morrison is five feet eleven inches tall and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His favorite color is turquoise. His favorite foods are chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps, salads and spicy foreign muck. He has an appendectomy scar. His mum is called Agnes, his dad is called Walter and his sister is called Leigh. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite girl is called Magdalena. He is single, heterosexual (with possible latent homosexual tendencies), and is currently quite wealthy. His work has been described as "gibberish." That's all there is to him. Quote2
--Grant Morrison[1]

Quote1 Destroy this comic! That's my advice. When you've finished reading The Invisibles #1, tear it up, burn it, feed it to your lizards, lock in in the trunk of a stolen car and push if off a bridge. You'll feel good, believe me. It's only a comic, after all. Quote2
--Grant Morrison[1]

Quote1 I have a dream: Somewhere out there, fourteen-year-old kids are beginning to look around, beginning to get angry and strange and wild. Soon they'll be cutting their hair with blunt scalpels, taking drugs that haven't been synthesized yet, making music that will terrify everyone over twenty-one. I have a dream. And I'd like to be the first to salute les enfants du siècle. Quote2
--Grant Morrison[1]

Quote1 Yeah. Well, that's the trouble with my stories --they always seem to build up to something that never actually happens. Quote2
--Grant Morrison[2]


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