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Quote1 So, I'm employing the Mirror of Circe... but apparently, all I needed was a pair of glasses to fool the mortals. Quote2
--Herakles (New Earth)

Quote1 Every war, every battle, has its foot soldiers. No general wants to see those warriors die. Quote2

--Herakles (New Earth)

Quote1 I could not admit that the Amazons were not preaching domination over man, but rather equal merit! Thus I allowed madness to cloud my heart - and thus did I abuse ye all - most especially your loving Queen! I betrayed ye - and that is unforgivable! Nevertheless, I do now beg your forgiveness! Quote2

--Herakles (New Earth)

Quote1 Too many women have tried and failed, Diana. Time for a man, don't you think? Quote2

--Herakles (New Earth)