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Quote1 There's someone else behind this one. My friend. Really... and that you. Quote2
--Jervis Tetch (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I'm sorry you didn't understand. Really. I apologize. I've been known to lose my cool. But there are certain standards that have to be upheld. There are no shortcuts, see. You can't cheat the process or you wind up with a bad product. And we can't have a bad product. No, that just wouldn't do. But if you drink the tea, I promise you'll feel all better. It's a very special tea... Quote2

--Jervis Tetch (Prime Earth)

Quote1 That's the good part about having a renewable resource... waste is not a concern. We'll run the rehearsal again tomorrow. Quote2

--Jervis Tetch (Prime Earth)

Quote1 ...We have all the time in the world... ALICE. Quote2

--Jervis Tetch (Prime Earth)