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Quote1 Na zdrovye. Quote2
--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)

Quote1 Shaba-da-be-bop! Dee-doodle-reep-dop! Man, these cats can play! Quote2

--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)

Quote1 Save the speech. I have already heard it from the first Robin. Quote2

--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)

Quote1 Maybe they did not know that I've become a Titan. Yes. That is why they did not use me. I could have been Captain Comrade! Or perhaps the Soviet Smasher! That sounds good, yes? Quote2

--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)
Quote1 You slaughtered my family. For that, I will burn you slowly. Quote2
--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)[src]

Quote1 I forget your English vernacular. Exactly what does "%@$&(*" mean? Quote2
--Leonid Kovar (New Earth)