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Quote1 Are you really going to make me threaten to kill her? You know I hate a cliché. Quote2
--Nicolas Nolan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 One thing I can tell you is this: The only way Zatanna survives is if I kill you or you kill me. It's the sacrifice that does it. Quote2

--Nicolas Nolan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 But as long as the boy lives, I'll never possess the Books. So now I have one final deal to offer you, John. Kill the boy, and I let Zatanna go. She lives. Quote2

--Nicolas Nolan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You think you're the heroes here? Crashing into this place, figuring you'll save the day? We're the ones saving the world. You have no idea. Eyes open, Pandora. You're the bad guys. Quote2

--Nicolas Nolan (Prime Earth)