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This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by Oliver Queen (Earth-Two).

It may not be the definitive list, so please add any important quotations that may be missing, ensuring to cite the original source.
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Quote1 Maybe you're right! Maybe I'm not the marksman I used to be! Maybe I'm just a -- a has been! Quote2
--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 At one time we'd have used plain explosive arrows... But now we need anti-atom arrows! Fire them into the rocket exhausts and kill their power! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 The fireworks arrow! Electric shock arrow! Magnet arrow! Smoke arrow! And tear gas arrow! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Mars and Mercury in conjunction... Owwww! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 This'll stop him ... for good! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 I don’t know, Roy. We may want to use The Voice’s sound destroyer as a weapon against crime some day. Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Those stockholder murders were in alphabetical order! Maybe it was accidental, maybe not .... the criminal mind takes funny turns. If my hunch is correct, Carl Faber's next! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 I've learned a lesson. You can't run away from evil men. You must turn and fight them... as we have, with weapons we understand. We must always fight them. Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 No greenbacks for you... But my color is green! Will I do? Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Some more specimens for my collection of crooks behind bars! I've been following that hobby for years! Quote2

--Oliver Queen (Earth-Two)

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