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Quote1 Such a pedigree, and yet you disgrace yourself with this one. He's not even human! He comes from the stars. He's just some sort of thing. Not that I particularly care whom you choose to slut around with, but mmm... standards. You know. Quote2
--Phoebus Apollo (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Messenger, I have no interest in the girl, or the child she carries. But they are a means to an end. Quote2

--Phoebus Apollo (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I don't know what your plan was with this monster you spawned, father... but I assure you, Olympus belongs to me now. Quote2

--Phoebus Apollo (Prime Earth)

Quote1 A child of Zeus has slain another. And while I may mourn his passing... I can't say I'll miss dear old War. Quote2

--Phoebus Apollo (Prime Earth)