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Quote1 Our bullets have no more effect on it -- than paper bullets against a tank! Quote2
--[[Brave and the Bold Vol 1 25|Richard FlagQuote1 You've each tried to conquer the world before, now we're granting your wish. A world of your own to conquer. Quote2
--[[Salvation Run Vol 1 1|Richard FlagQuote1 You listen to me, all of you. Out there, good men are dying so scum like you can have a chance. You don't deserve it, but you will. Starting now, you will look like a unit, you will act like a unit, you will fight as a unit and only with the enemy! You're back in the Army now! Or so help me, I'll put you in graves myself! Understand? Quote2
--[[Secret Origins Vol 2 14|Richard FlagQuote1 You're through when I say you're through! Get this straight, sleaze-ball -- I'm not your friend, I'm not your parole officer, I'm not your social worker, and I don't have to be nice to you! Now do as you're told or I'll blow off your arm myself! Quote2
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 1 17|Richard FlagQuote1 Some things in life are worth more than your life. Quote2
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 1 21|Richard FlagQuote1 The Squad, for all its faults, has done something for this country. Scum like you do nothing but rape it. I'm doing the country a favor. Quote2
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 1 22|Richard FlagQuote1 I won't ask you to "carry on for me," Eve. That's a dead end I've found myself in. Live your life. Get out of the Squad before it poisons you. Be happy -- for God's sake, be happy, if you can. That was something I never learned to do. If you can think kindly of me. If I succeed in what I've set out to do, I think you'll be able to tell. That's all I really want, Eve; for someone to know what I've done. Thank you for the friendship you've shown. I wish I could've responded more. Good-bye. Quote2
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 1 26|Richard FlagQuote1 Waller. She finds out everything eventually. She'll find out I'm here. I don't know how, but she will. And she'll come get me. Assuming she's still alive. Assuming I'm still alive when she does. Quote2
--Richard Flag Jr. (New Earth)