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Quote1 You said it, Deacon! Keep prayin'... 'cause without our tank, we might as well have been marooned on the moon! Quote2
--Richard Rawlins (New Earth)

Quote1 Disobeying orders from the top brass! This time, Jeb's outta his skull for sure! Quote2

--Richard Rawlins (New Earth)

Quote1 Me, I've always been a loner... No one ever gave me a second look... Not that I blame 'em... I'm no bargain. I came into this world alone... Guess that's how I'll leave it! Quote2

--Richard Rawlins (New Earth)

Quote1 Spearheadin' the invasion makes us flies on a bulls-eye... an honor I can sure do without! I'll bet we never come back! Quote2

--Richard Rawlins (New Earth)