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Quote1 Go to hell? My dear... I am Hell. Quote2
--Satanus (New Earth)

Quote1 Devil? So medieval. No pizzazz! Quote2

--Satanus (New Earth)

Quote1 Hell is of torment. Eternal torment meted out for acts committed during a mortal lifetime. Torment out of all proportion to the acts committed. Torment meted out by beings whose seething malice transcends any mortal trespass. I say enough! Purgatory says enough! Quote2

--Satanus (New Earth)

Quote1 If President Kennedy brought about a new Camelot in America, it is safe to believe that Mr. Luthor will bring about a new Eden, where we need no longer fear any serpents bearing gifts, but instead come to enjoy the fruits that a good man's soul has seeded. Lex Luthor -- a true super-man. Quote2

--Satanus (New Earth)