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Quote1 I'm not the kind of woman to be flattered by someone who tricks me into going to a dance with him, by claiming it will help solve my sisters murder. But if some straightforward, nice guy were to ask me out to dinner or a movie, sometime next week or so -- and he was willing to go very slowly... Well, I sure wouldn't mind a night out among the Mundys once in awhile. Quote2
--Snow White (Fables)

Quote1 I'm no military commander. I've no special wisdom to impart, except that which others have said so many times before. We don't have any particular country to defend. Ours were lost to us long ago. And we've no flag to fight for. Fabletown has no formal status except as it exists in our minds and hearts. No, when we fight tonight, if we do, it will only be for each other -- for those standing here beside us. Like every soldier in every battle in history. Quote2

--Snow White (Fables)

Quote1 ''Obey me, woman, or you'll discover just how much shit I can unleash on Fabletown citizens who piss me off! Quote2

--Snow White (Fables)

Quote1 Until you work off your punishment, Jack, you belong to us, body and soul. Don't even try testing it, or dark judgment will come down on you like the wrath of God Almighty. Quote2

--Snow White (Fables)

Quote1 You can throw platitudes around all you like, Rose, but that man tried to have me killed! In front of my children! Quote2

--Snow White (Fables)
Quote1 I certainly know Bigby's worth. And he tried to tell me yours, but I wouldn't listen. I will in the future. Quote2
--Snow White (Fables) (North Wind refuses to help Bigby) and his grandchildren with the monsters])