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Quote1 Every journey -- even one to the edge of existence and realms beyond -- must come to an end. Whether the terminus is a place on a map, a marker on the path of life, or a state of being, every traveler gets there... sooner or later. By intention or fluke. By serendipity or misfortune. Through random chance, or inexorable -- Fate. Quote2
--Steve Gerber

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Regarding his medical condition
Quote1 It's almost funny... I really do have a sick sense of humor about some of this stuff. (laughs) Part of me wants to go for the sympathy ploy. Put a picture of me on the cover of Countdown to Mystery with a gun to my head, or a plastic bag over it, and the caption, 'Buy this magazine or this writer will never breathe again!' The old National Lampoon gag. Quote2
--Steve Gerber

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