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Quote1 You're only wearing yourself out, Punyman! Even if you threw the Earth itself, it would only bounce off my Ultra-Force Shield! Ha, Ha! Quote2
--Vril Dox (Earth-One)

Quote1 With my shrinking ray, I'll roam the universe, stealing cities and reducing them to miniature size inside my bottles! Then I'll restore the cities to their natural size on Bryak! Bryak will live again, under my rule!!! Quote2

--Vril Dox (Earth-One)

Quote1 If we get out of this alive, it'll be a miracle! Quote2

--Vril Dox (Earth-One)

Quote1 I have been reborn and re-formed and given a destiny anew. My foes are but two-- the angel of death who calls himself Superman... And his master... my master... who seeks my second ending. But I shall outwit them both. I shall raise armies and march into Hell itself to destroy those who would destroy me. I am no longer machine, no longer a cold and lifeless computer. I am more. I have been imbued with life. Organic and yet more. I have become greater than life, greater than machine. I am Brainiac. And that is more than enough for any! Quote2

--Vril Dox (Earth-One)