Quote1 Poor Lois, all work and no personality. Quote2
-- Cat Grant src

Little is known about the early life of Catherine Grant. She attended Metropolis University, where she was on the Women's Track & Field team.[2]

By 1993, Cat had become a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet, where she was a rival of Lois Lane. Lois despised Cat and looked down at the work she did for the paper. Meanwhile Cat would often poke fun at Lois, who had a non-existent love life and prefered to work, over having a good time. After Clark Kent joined the Daily Planet, Cat would frequently attempt to seduce him.[3][2]

It's unknown what happened to Cat, after the Daily Planet was bombed and closed for a while.[4]

  • Cat Grant was portrayed by Tracy Scoggins.
  • After the series was retooled following the first season, Grant's character was dropped from the show, and was never mentioned again.



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