Quote1 Poor Lois, all work and no personality. Quote2
-- Cat Grant src

Catherine Grant is the "Society Columnist" at the Daily Planet. She shares a rivalry with reporter Lois Lane, who despises Cat and her attitude, and belittles he work with the paper. Cat often pokes fun at Lois' non-existent love life, and her preference for work over play.

Ever flirtatious, Cat makes it very clear to Clark Kent that she finds him attractive, and wishes to be romantically involved with him. Clark, having strong feelings for Lois, does not return Cat's attraction, but finds it difficult to reject her at the risk of hurting her feelings.

Most of Cat's time is spent flirting with Clark in the hopes that she will finally woo him. In a rare instance of success, she convinces Clark to have dinner with her at her apartment, but her attempts to seduce him are interrupted by a news story. Despite this, rumors spread through the Daily Planet newsroom that she and Clark slept together, something Clark finds disheartening.

Despite Cat's reputation among her coworkers of being callous and motivated only by lust, Cat is shown to have a deeply emotional and compassionate side, especially when it comes to Clark Kent. Clark also discovers that Cat has an extensive library in her apartment, something he did not expect of her.[1]

  • Cat Grant was portrayed by Tracy Scoggins.
  • After the series was retooled following the first season, Grant's character was dropped from the show, and was never mentioned again.



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