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"Chapter Three: Wednesday": Catwoman has been frozen in ice. Christopher "The Blonde" Castillo shoots the ice to free her. She faints from hypothermia.

Quote1 A man should never touch a gun or a woman unless he's prepared for one of them to go off. Quote2
-- Christopher "The Blonde" Castillo

Appearing in "Chapter Three: Wednesday"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Batman (In dream sequence only)




Synopsis for "Chapter Three: Wednesday"

Catwoman has been frozen in ice. Christopher "The Blonde" Castillo shoots the ice to free her. She faints from hypothermia.

Catwoman dreams she's on an operating table, with Batman as the surgeon. He tries to cut her mask off, and she responds by lashing out.

Selina wakes up holding the Riddler by the throat. He explains that she's been unconscious for days, and he's been tending her himself to prevent Blondie learning her identity. Selina is grateful, until he remarks that removing her Catwoman costume wasn't the worst job. On deck, Blondie pretends not to know that Selina is Catwoman, although Selina is sure he's figured it out. He tells her that his family worked for the Beretta family, and he was taught to shoot at age six. He asks Selina why she came to Rome. She tells him it was about Carmine Falcone, and Blondie reveals that Falcone was his godfather.He tells Selina that the best way to persuade Verinni's son to stop trying to kill Catwoman is to give him a ring that would show that he is the head of the Mafia families. The ring had been hidden in St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican because the Mafia, good Catholics all, would never steal from it. Eddie comes up with a plan, but has to return to Gotham the day before the heist.

Catwoman uses a special harness to descend from the ceiling in front of a statue called The Pity. She retrieves the ring from the statue's base, and is attacked by Cheetah.


  • This book was first published on November 24, 2004.
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