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Catwoman Vol 2 32


Catwoman Vol 2 32

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"Contagion, Part Nine: Fever Pitch": Catwoman is leaving San Francisco to find the last survivor of the virus in Miami, Florida. She left Tracker tied up inside a car's truck so he won't fol

Quote1 It's too late for Gotham. The blood of survivors is not a source of a cure or a vaccine against Ebola Gulf A. We've failed. All of us. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Contagion, Part Nine: Fever Pitch"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tito (druglord)
  • Jorgito (henchman)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Contagion, Part Nine: Fever Pitch"

Catwoman is leaving San Francisco to find the last survivor of the virus in Miami, Florida. She left Tracker tied up inside a car's truck so he won't follow her.

Once in Miami, Catwoman goes to the place where Oracle told her the last survivor was. She arrived at the place just to find what it seemed like a drug debt trouble. The druglords killed a man because he didn't pay them the drugs and they took the woman to an unknown place. Catwoman was outnumbered so she decided to let them go and she followed them.

The thugs took Leanore We to their boss. The crimelord told We that because her boyfriend refused to pay them, she was gonna work the payment. Before he could say anything else, Catwoman arrived took down three of them leaving only the boss. The crime boss took We as a hostage and Catwoman tried to talk the man about the prize over We's blood. He couldn't listen and Catwoman was forced to take him down as well.

Catwoman and We traveled back to Gotham City in one of the druglord's planes. When they arrived at Gotham, Catwoman was disappointed to see Babylon Towers in ruins and everybody dead. In that moment Tracker arrived and was planning to take We to The Penguin to claim the reward but he was again tricked by Catwoman and knocked out. Catwoman went to the Iceberg Lounge to claim the reward for herself but when she arrived she found the place empty except for Nightwing and Batman who told her that a survivor's blood was useless to create a cure and that there was little hope for what was left of Gotham and it's people.



  • Catwoman makes a comparison between the prize for Leanore We's blood and a Steven Spielberg movie budget.

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Contagion Crossover
The events from this issue are related to the Contagion crossover that went through the Batman Family Titles in 1996, in which Gotham City had an epidemic of a mutant strand of the Ebola virus. The events of Contagion lead into Batman: Legacy, Batman: Cataclysm, and ultimately No Man's Land.

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