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Catwoman Vol 2 36


Catwoman Vol 2 36

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"Legacy, Part Two: The Best of Enemies": Catwoman's cell is filling with water. She uses a tungsten wire hidden in her pants to pick the lock of the cell's door. She swims through the place and finds Brother Umberto in a cell and she frees him. [[Ka

Quote1 What if your beloved sensei were to see you now? He imparted his wisdom and skills to you and you squander them. The art is not pure in your hands. You are nothing but a common thief. He would know shame to see what you've become. Quote2
-- Hellhound

Appearing in "Legacy, Part Two: The Best of Enemies"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Brother Umberto
  • Taki (Single appearance)


  • Port Mombasa



  • Bruce Wayne's Private Jet

Synopsis for "Legacy, Part Two: The Best of Enemies"

Catwoman's cell is filling with water. She uses a tungsten wire hidden in her pants to pick the lock of the cell's door. She swims through the place and finds Brother Umberto in a cell and she frees him. Hellhound was in other cell and asked for help but Catwoman refused and left him to die. Catwoman and Umberto came across a door but it was closed. Catwoman decided to free Hellhound in order to open the door with the strenght of the three of them. The door opened and they climbed out of the ruins. When they reached the top Hellhound attacked Catwoman. She dodged his attack and then she beat him down until he was knocked out. Catwoman tied Hellhound to a post and she walked away of the place along with Umberto.

On his private jet, Batman arranged the plans to find out what Ra's al Ghul next movement will be. Nightwing told them what he have listened back in the ruins. Ra's was planning to set the new strain of the Ebola Gulf-A into the "new world". Batman recruited Oracle's help to find where could Ra's be. With the information she was provided, Oracle finds out that Ra's possible targets are Paris, Edimburgh and Gotham City. Batman told Nightwing and Robin to go to Paris while he headed to Edimburgh. He told them that if they didn't find anything there, they would meet in Gotham, were they might find their last stand.

Meanwhile, Collector was waiting at his boat for Catwoman and Hellhound to return with his "prize". At that moment, the police of Sudan arrived at his boat and place him under arrest for molestation of one of her female citizens. He did't know what they were taking about and the police pointed at a lady entirely covered with a veil and told him that it was her who claimed the crime. The Collector was taken away and the lady walked away from the scene as well. The lady walks towards Umberto and it's revealed that it was Selina all the time behind the veil. She planned the whole set up to put collector in jail at least until they find out that he actually committed no crime.



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Batman: Legacy Crossover
The events from this issue are related to the Legacy crossover that went through the Batman Family Titles in 1996. The events of Legacy lead into Batman: Cataclysm, and ultimately No Man's Land.