"Strange Bedfellows": Selina was dreaming about the incidents involving Batman, her perilous travel to Gotham City and her encounter with Mercy Graves. Selina woke up screaming and a voice speaked from the s

Quote1 You are as astute as you are comely. A deadly combination, if I may say so. Deadly. Quote2
-- Penguin

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  • Catwoman's Whisker Lockpick
  • LexCorp Battlesuits


Synopsis for "Strange Bedfellows"

Selina was dreaming about the incidents involving Batman, her perilous travel to Gotham City and her encounter with Mercy Graves. Selina woke up screaming and a voice speaked from the shadows. It was Penguin welcoming Selina to the land of the living. Selina asked the Penguin what was he doing there, and Penguin replied that the question should be backwards. Selina realized that she had no memory of the recent events and aked Penguin what was she doing there. Penguin told her that she was found by one of his henchmen lying down unconscious in a rooftop and that she was brought there, to the Penguin's hideout. Penguin wanted Selina to do something for him and reluctantly she agreed. Penguin told her that his activities have been threatened by Lex Luthor and his rebuilding efforts and that he wanted her to steal from Luthor in order to balance the scales on his favor. Catwoman was eager to start working on the task.

Catwoman studied Lex's compound and realized that she was going to need some help to get inside. She discovered that her trio of henchmen were working for LexCorp now and she decided to recruit them again. Catwoman tricked a couple of thugs to attack the trio and then she knocked the thugs to make it look like she saved their lives. Mookie was happy to see her back but Al and Lewis were willing to join her. Catwoman attacked them and changed their minds. They provided Catwoman with Mookie's I.D. card and uniform to get inside CampLex. Once inside, Catwoman stole various items such as keys, passwords, remote controls and she also hacked into the main system.

When all things were set, Catwoman made her move. She was stealing an armored battlesuit but apparently was unable to make it work. A security camera recorded her but the guards decided to let the armored guards to take care of her. The armored guards arrived and tried to stop Catwoman. However, she was just pretending she couldn't activate the suit and as soon as the guards were within her reach, she activated a code that forced the guards to do whatever she wanted to do. She triggered the slave units in the suits and now she was using a battlesuit for herself. The suit provided the person with extra abilities like flying, superhuman strength and protection. The guards were unable to stop Catwoman and her army of controlled guards. A second team of armored guards tried to stop Catwoman just to fail as the first team. Catwoman managed to escape the compound with a little help from Al and Lewis.

Penguin was waiting at his hideout when Catwoman arrived with a dozen armored men carrying all sort of stolen goods from LexCorp, from a bulldozer, a power shovel and many more construction equipment. Penguin was pleased and Catwoman demanded her pay. Penguin told her to take whatever she wanted and she decided to take a long hot bath first, and then she would get back to work. Penguin wanted to know what was she planning but she wouldn't tell. Penguin was fine with that, as he had planned something else as well.

Lex arrived at the compound and received the bad news. He was angry at his people for their incompetence. Mercy passed Lex a call from Penguin. Cobblepot acknowledged Luthor's reign over Gotham and demanded that he was able to control the underworld of the city for him, or otherwise, he would send Catwoman to steal more from him. Luthor told Penguin that he would consider it, but after hanging the phone, Lex told Mercy to get rid of Catwoman by any means necessary, to which Mercy was pleased to comply.



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