"Pay Back": Catwoman began planning some retribution to the people she has beed dealing with lately. First, she destroyed the LexCorp compound using the battlesuits she stole from them in the first place. The destruction of the base forced [[Alexander Luthor (New

Quote1 That's a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. The kindness doesn't mesh with the cruelty. How can I be nasty and nice? You just can't figure me out? Hey, what did you expect? I'm a cat. Quote2
-- Catwoman

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Synopsis for "Pay Back"

Catwoman began planning some retribution to the people she has beed dealing with lately. First, she destroyed the LexCorp compound using the battlesuits she stole from them in the first place. The destruction of the base forced Lex Luthor to contact Penguin and make a deal.

Penguin's deal with Lex included the return of the stolen building equipment, Penguin's free reign of the city's underworld activities and Catwoman's head delivered by Penguin to Lex. Catwoman knew she was being used and when Penguin tried to ambush her, she outsmarted him and his henchmen. She grabbed Penguin by the neck with her whip and forced his henchmen to retreat. Catwoman left the place and warned Penguin to move out of as soon as possible. Penguin was shocked but when the place started to explode he ran as fast as he could. Penguin's base, including any valuable goods inside was completely destroyed. Lex learned from Penguin's failure and he told Mercy that it was up to her to deal with Catwoman.

Moments later, Catwoman arranged a meeting with Batman and she asked him a favor. She wanted to contact Deadman but didn't knew how to do it. Batman told her that they might be able to contact him through Zauriel and Catwoman was thankful with the bat; or at least it seemed that way.

Catwoman continued her rampage of stealing and creating chaos in LexCorp's building bases. It reached a point where the reconstruction was completely stopped because of her activities. Mercy tried her best to keep the workers at bay, but most of them were unhappy with the results. Mercy went to check on Lex and he told her that they were going to meet with Catwoman. Lex arranged a meeting with Catwoman to make a deal with her that would stop her from attacking his bases. However, Catwoman's terms were that Mercy was present at the meeting but that she wouldn't act againts her. Mercy will be a witness to Lex and Catwoman's meeting. Lex arrived at the meeting point and Catwoman was already waiting for him. Lex asked her what would take for her to stop targetting Lex's operations. Catwoman told him that he just have to ask. Lex told her to stop attacking him but Catwoman told him to say "please". For a moment, Lex didn't answered but then he spoke the word and Catwoman told him that it was the only thing she wanted and that she could never say no to him. Catwoman left and Lex was truly disappointed with with Mercy. Mercy felt terrible for letting her boss down and she was feeling like a failure. Catwoman watched the reaction and was happy to have had his pay back on Mercy. Catwoman knew she couldn't take Mercy on combat and that's why she harmed her where it hurted the most: her pride. Now, there was only one thing left to do.

Catwoman gathered her trio of henchmen in a quiet place. They were still working undercover in LexCorp but they feared that they might be discovered. Catwoman told them not to worry because they've already been discovered. She gave Al and Lewis two passports and passbooks and also told them that she had placed one million dollars on their accounts on Cayman Islands. She told them both to get their money and disappear. They were overwhelmed by her generosity, but they were wondering what will happen to Mookie. She explained them that she discovered how Mookie was able to stand unharmed in explosions or when hit by bullets. Mookie was dead, and has been since he was working for Joker and his boss killed him. Even since, he has gathered kinetic energy to create enough mass to make it seem as if he was alive. Mookie said it was all true. At that moment, Deadman appeared to take Mookie to the other side. Mookie wasn't sure of it but Catwoman told him that it would be fine. Mookie went with Deadman and both moved to the afterlife. Al and Lewis were truly shocked to see Mookie disappearing in the air. Catwoman advised them to get going and she also walked away from the place, knowing that in the future, people will say that Catwoman takes care of her crew.

Catwoman had delivered all the retributions she had in mind. Some of them were good actions and some were personal issues. In the end, Catwoman was feeling a freedom she hadn't felt in a long time.


  • The events of this issue take place after Catwoman #76. No Man's Land continues in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #126.
  • In the credit box, there is a farewell note to artist Jim Balent. The note points out that it was the last Catwoman issue drawn by Balent after 77 issues. There are actually 79 issues, with the Catwoman #0 and Catwoman #1000000. Jim Balent is the longest-running artist in the book, working on it for seven consecutive years. The title would go on for just 17 issues more from this one.
  • This is also the last Catwoman issue part of the No Man's Land crossover.


  • There is a milk carton on the first panel of page 18. It shows a picture of a missing person. The person was Jim Balent.

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