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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, J.G. Jones/Cover Artist, Paul Mounts/Cover Artist Ed Brubaker/Writer, Cameron Stewart/Penciler, Cameron Stewart/Inker, Matt Hollingsworth/Colourist, Sean Konot/Letterer, Matt Idelson/Editor, Nachie Castro/Editor, Leslie Thompkins (New Earth)/Quotes, Selina Kyle (New Earth)/Appearances, Holly Robinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Leslie Thompkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Samuel Bradley (New Earth)/Appearances, Sylvia Sinclair (New Earth)/Appearances, Alleytown Kids/Appearances, Simon Burton (New Earth)/Appearances, Magdalene Kyle (New Earth)/Appearances, Roman Sionis (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City Police Department/Appearances, Mama Fortuna (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Gotham City East End/Appearances, Comics, 2002, 2002, December, October 23, 2002 (Publication), 2002, October (Publication), Catwoman Vol 3, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Catwoman Vol 3 12


Catwoman Vol 3 12

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"Relentless (Part One)": Selina spots a teenager stealing a purse and loosing the cops in the Alleytown portion of the East End. Selina recalls once living there as a teenager as well.

Quote1 Drug dealers have taken enough out of this neighborhood over the years. Let them put something back for a change. Whether they know it or not. Quote2
-- Leslie Thompkins

Appearing in "Relentless (Part One)"

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Synopsis for "Relentless (Part One)"

Selina spots a teenager stealing a purse and loosing the cops in the Alleytown portion of the East End. Selina recalls once living there as a teenager as well.

Selina reveals to Holly and Slam her East End Community Center she's having built. She used the $28 million in diamonds she stole to finance the building.[1] Slam pulls Holly aside to ask her for a favor in secret.

The kid who stole the purse earlier appears and takes Selina's purse. Selina throws a manhole cover knocking him over. When an officer moves to cuff him, the kid kicks the officer and escapes. The cop says it reminds him of Mama Fortuna.

At a bar, Slam asks Holly if he has a chance with Selina. Holly laughs and then two boys approach them. They insult Slam who promptly wipes the floor with the boys.

That evening, Catwoman moves to find out who's in charge of the Alleytown_Kids. When she attempts to break in, the lights suddenly flick on and she sees her childhood friend of 10 years past, Sylvia Sinclair, has been waiting for her. Sylvia shows Selina she's set the place up just like when Selina and Sylvia were young and ran with Mama Fortuna. When Sylvia explains she helps the boys out and doesn't turn anyone away, Selina agrees to look the other way for their crimes. When Selina leaves, Sylvia makes a call telling the mystery caller the 'plan' is still on.

As Holly is walking Slam home, who is now drunk, Slam admits that he loves Selina. A car pulls up and Maggie Kyle and Simon Burton get out to greet Holly.


  • This book was first published on October 23, 2002.
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