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Catwoman Vol 3 34


Catwoman Vol 3 34

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"War Games: Act 1, Part 7 of 8: Cold Hard Facts": The gang war has escalated quickly and has reached the east end with fury, much to Catwoman's contempt. Ever since the gang war started, Catwoman has been busy stopping criminals from murdering in

Quote1 On his computer, in the cave, Batman has a bunch of plans. Like ways to wipe out crime in Gotham, if worst ever came to worst, I guess. Like contingency plans or something. And I stole one of them. Quote2
-- Spoiler

Appearing in "War Games: Act 1, Part 7 of 8: Cold Hard Facts"

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Synopsis for "War Games: Act 1, Part 7 of 8: Cold Hard Facts"

The gang war has escalated quickly and has reached the east end with fury, much to Catwoman's contempt. Ever since the gang war started, Catwoman has been busy stopping criminals from murdering innocent people on her territory. She stops a car chase and delivers a warning to the thugs involved. However, an innocent teen was shot during the chase and Selina takes him to Leslie's clinic.

Leslie informs Selina that ever since the gang war started, she hasn't had any rest as the bodies of injured people keep coming to the hospital. The news about the shooting at Tim's school are on TV and Leslie feels responsible for the consequences and for not being able to stop Bruce from becoming Batman. Selina gets a call from Holly and leaves Leslie's place at once.

Holly informed Selina that someone arranged a meeting between two gangs and that the responsible behind it all was planning on eliminating the members of the gang. Catwoman goes as fast as she can to the meeting place, but she arrives too late since the thugs have all been killed by Mr. Freeze and his cold gun. Catwoman confronts Freeze and manages to drop a couple of hits on the villain, causing him to fall down the window of the building. Freeze stops his fall by creating an ice slide with his gun, but he couldn't stop his momentum and ended up hitting against a brick wall, falling unconscious. Catwoman thinks about calling Batman to make sure that Freeze is locked up for good, but she is distracted when she spots Spoiler on a nearby rooftop.

Catwoman starts chasing Spoiler, who starts running away from the place. However, Catwoman managed to catch up with Spoiler and she questioned her about her business on the east end. Spoiler is afraid that Catwoman might tell Batman about her and then, she takes off her mask, revealing an afraid and defenseless Stephanie Brown, who feels guilty about the whole gang war. Catwoman doesn't understand Stephanie and she takes her to a safe place where they can talk and she can explain herself.

Once in a safe place, Selina reveals her face to Steph and they create a trust bond. Selina gives Steph some tea to calm her nerves and asks her to tell about her involvement in the gang war. Stephanie explains that after Batman fired her from being Robin, she decided to prove him that she was worthy of the job by taking one of Bruce's personal files from the batcomputer. This file was one of Batman's many contingency plans and it consisted on organizing a meeting with all the crime lords in Gotham and place them under Batman's direct control. Stephanie explains that she followed the plan step-by-step, but that somehow it failed because Batman's undercover agent didn't show up in the meeting. Selina can't believe that one of Batman's plans might have failed and she asks Stephanie to reveal the name of the undercover agent. Stephanie tells her that it was Matches Malone and that she had never heard of him. Selina understands that Bruce made a mistake by not trusting Stephanie the fact that Batman and Matches Malone are the same person. Selina knows that things are about to get worse and she stares at the window, looking at the Bat-Signal that has been lit in the sky.


  • This book was first published on August 25, 2004.
  • This issue is the first Catwoman title and the seventh part of Act One: Outbreak of the War Games storyline. The previous chapter is Batgirl #55 and the story continues in Batman #631.


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