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Celia Windward, alias Jet was recruited by the Guardians of the Universe to create their successors, a race of new Guardians on Earth.


One of the Guardians and a Zamaron, the Guardians' female counterparts, channeled their powers into the "Millennium Project." Gathering ten individuals together and teaching them about the nature of the cosmos, they endowed their "Chosen" with immortality and metahuman powers. One of these was Celia Windward, a young Jamaican woman living in Great Britain, to whom the Guardians gave the power to control electromagnetic energies.[1] She became Jet, and joined the other heroes the Guardians had created in the team named (appropriately enough) the New Guardians. Jet fought many foes, but contracted a lethal disease fighting the "Hemo-Goblin". As her symptoms worsened, she used her last bit of energy to repel an alien invasion, an act which seemingly claimed her life.

One Year Later

In the events of One Year Later, Jet is apparently alive, and is leader of the Global Guardians. She has publicly renounced the actions of the Green Lanterns, saying that they violated the rules of foreign countries, and undermined her teams attempt to prove that metahumans can act without governmental restrictions. She has been assembling more non-American heroes, even forcing the new Crimson Fox to join her team. It was subsequently revealed that Jet and her team were under the psychic thrall of two Faceless Hunters.