Little is known of H.A.R.M. He was born in Ohio in 1946 under the name Charles Sweeney, and apparently had one burning childhood desire: to be a superhuman cyborg with rocket launchers in his shoulders.

At some point, he married a woman named Irene, but he chose cyborgization over her, and she left him sometime after he had part of his brain removed.

He was selected for a project by the US military to place a human brain in direct cybernetic control of a superhuman robot body. Unfortunately, as soon as the operation was finished, Sweeney demonstrated sociopathic tendencies, killed the scientists involved and ran away.

He joined a mercenary team known as Tri-Ad, though its members knew him only as H.A.R.M. Years after his debut with them, he was shot to death when Savant's WildC.A.T.s team tried to invade home and arrest him.


  • Due to his cyberization, H.A.R.M. was superhumanly strong and durable, possibly capable of matching the likes of Maul and Spartan


  • Due to his cyberization, H.A.R.M. required a specific support structure whch would have been difficult to go without
  • H.A.R.M.'s funeral was the first encounter Earth's superhero community had with the underground group known as the Church of Gort.