Quote1 One step at a time, Olsen. Lemme think on that. But I do know this much--No matter what ... you'll always be my pal. Quote2
-- Chloe Sullivan src

Chloe Sullivan DCU Debut

Chloe's DCU debut.

Chloe Sullivan is working as a reporter for the website Metropolitan. She was the girlfriend of Jimmy Olsen but she broke up with him after Superman left because he wasn't the same person anymore.

Sometime later she met Jimmy again during her work for the website. For one week, she was at the side of Sebastien Mallory, the junior-executive of LexCorp and personal enemy of Jimmy. After the arrival of the Dalwythians, Chloe and Jimmy worked together to get some information about the race. At Cadmus Labs Chloe found out that every planet which the Dalwythian choose to be their party-host didn't survive this experience.

Later, Chloe and Sebastien traveled to his apartment in orbit where she found out he's trying to control the world with the Superman Videogame. Together, Jimmy and Chloe stopped Sebastien.


  • Investigation: Chloe is an excellent researcher, specializing in the field of investigative journalism.
  • Journalism: She maintains a network of contacts in prominent fields in both Smallville and Metropolis working for a website which caters to both.
  • Computer Hacking: She is also an accomplished computer hacker, skilled enough to break into even the most elaborate computer systems.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Source and is an adaptation of Chloe Sullivan. The original character was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and first appeared in Smallville (TV Series) Episode: Pilot.
  • At the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 it was confirmed that Chloe Sullivan will be introduced in the DC Universe.
  • Because of her popularity, Chloe Sullivan was introduced in the DCU and like the Chloe Sullivan from the series, she was the girlfriend of Jimmy Olsen, although the comic version, unlike the Smallville version, is not aware of Clark Kent's dual identity.
  • She was possibly mentioned two times before her official appearance in the DCU. The first time was in the Comic Superman: Secret Origin #1. There was a close-up shot of Pete Ross cast with the Name "Chloe S." on it. The second time was in the Comic Superman: Secret Origin #4. There was a post-it on Lois Lane's desk with the words "Call Chloe".
  • In the TV series Smallville, Chloe is the cousin of Lois Lane. Their relationship in the comics is unknown at the moment.
  • Chloe's age in the comics is unknown. It's likely that she's the same age as Pete Ross and Lana Lang because of the signature on his cast. That would be fit with her TV series counterpart because in the series she was at the same age with Clark Kent, Pete Ross and Lana Lang.