Quote1 You, in every epic tale, there's always one person who believes in the hero first. Someone who helps inspire them to greatness. And maybe it wasn't just a fluke with you. I've been thinking that's my true calling; finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of Watchtower. Quote2
-- Chloe Sullivan src

Early Life

Chloe was born in Metropolis in either late 1986 or early 1987. Chloe's parents divorced when Chloe was young. Her mother first left the family when she was five, but Chloe had at least some contact with her mother until age eight in 1995. One day Chloe came home with her hands covered in ink. When Moira instructed her to wash them, Chloe disobeyed. Moira again told her to wash them until the ink was gone, but found Chloe scrubbing her hands until they bled. Moira realized that she could control her daughter with her meteor power, and possibly hurt her, so she had herself committed to a mental institution. Chloe was unaware of this fact until her senior year of high school, believing before then that her mother was simply not interested in having a relationship with her. The Sullivans moved to Smallville in 2000 Chloe quickly befriended Clark Kent after he showed her around the town and his family farm. She also became good friends with Pete Ross in eighth grade.

Season One

Chloe was the reporter and editor for her pride and joy- the Smallville Torch, the newspaper at Smallville High School, which she attended with Clark and Pete Ross. At the Torch office, she maintained a "Wall of Weird," a large mural where she posted articles concerning the often bizarre and eerie events that take place in Smallville, many of which are related to the mutagenic effects of the kryptonite from the meteor shower. Chloe seemingly had 24-hour access to the Torch office and a computer set aside for her personal use. With contacts at the police station, public records, and even local hospitals and morgues, Chloe became Clark's source of information when it came to stopping metahumans determined to achieve their goals at the expense of hurting people. Many of these metahumans were students at Smallville; as a result, the victims were often fellow classmates. Chloe was no exception, and had several dangerous encounters her freshman year. When Chloe helped Clark investigate Coach Walt Arnold, he retaliated by attempting to burn down the Torch office. Sean Kelvin, a popular football player, managed to get through Chloe's cool exterior and get her phone number. When he was transformed into a metahuman who could suck a person's body heat from them, Chloe became his target, but Clark saved her just in time. Chloe and Clark met Kyle Tippet, a reclusive former salesman who could force his will on others with a handshake. Chloe insisted on a demonstration, and when Tippet told Chloe to do something she's always wanted to do, she gave a surprised Clark a passionate kiss, but did not remember doing it seconds later. Not wanting to embarrass her, Clark did not tell Chloe what happened, though Chloe quickly figured it out. While interviewing Lex Luthor at his mansion, Clark and Chloe encountered thieves who used kryptonite tattoos to enable them to walk through walls. They threw Chloe out of the window, but Clark was unable to save her. She suffered a broken arm, concussion, bruises, and an extended hospital stay. Beginning with an assignment to write a biography about a classmate, Chloe attempted to uncover information about Clark's adoption. She shared with Clark what she learned- that Clark's was in fact the only adoption handled by a company called Metropolis United Charities. He was horrified by her investigations and she promised to stop. However, she broke her promise and continued her investigation, a decision that came back to haunt Clark and Lex the following year. When Chloe met Ryan James, he read her mind and told Clark that Chloe wanted him to ask her to the Spring Formal. Clark ran for Class President his freshman year; he was disappointed when Chloe and the Torch backed his opponent for the job, but understood that Chloe's journalistic integrity would sometimes take precedence over their friendship. Chloe was briefly fired from her post as Editor of the Torch by Principal Kwan because he did not think she was adequately covering school events, and instead focusing too hard on the strange but unsubstantiated goings-on of Smallville. Chloe was devastated, and even lashed out at Lana's honest attempts to help her get the paper back. She later apologized to Lana for the outburst and vowed to improve her skills as a school reporter. Chloe began a relationship with Justin Gaines, and believing Clark to be jealous, was not willing to explore the possibility that Justin was a murderer until it was almost too late. At the end of her freshman year, Chloe traveled to Metropolis to interview for an internship at the Daily Planet. However, before she left, she was kidnapped and buried alive in a glass coffin by a serial killer, a local police officer. Fortunately, Lana had just developed the ability to see through Chloe's would-be killer's eyes and thus, she and Clark were able to save Chloe in time. Chloe missed her interview, but won the internship after all with a composition about her experience. Clark did indeed ask Chloe to the Spring Formal, but Chloe's perfect evening was interrupted by a series of tornadoes. Much to Chloe's dismay, Clark disappeared from the dance to go save Lana.

Season Two

Knowing that Clark left her at the Spring Formal to rescue Lana, Chloe offered to go back to being just friends and Clark agreed. She later was ready to delete the picture she had of the dance, but decided to keep it saved. Chloe would briefly get over Clark as she met a guy named Ron Black at the Daily Planet during her internship. With a little help from Pete and Lex, she aided Ron on an article he was working on. To her disappointment, Ron is married as he introduces her to his wife, Renya. Chloe discovered that the class rings they all received that year contained red meteor rock instead of rubies, but she did not connect the ring to Clark's uncharacteristic behavior. When Rachel Dunleavy came to town claiming to be Clark's biological mother, Clark learned that Chloe did not stop investigating his adoption. They had an intense argument over this breach of privacy that ended with tears on Chloe's part and almost ended their friendship. However, Lana acted as peace-maker between the two friends and they apologized to each other eventually. However, when he suspected that Ian Randall was dating both Chloe and Lana simultaneously and tried to warn them, Chloe believed Clark was only jealous, and dismissed him. The event caused Clark, Lana, and Chloe to come to an agreement to attempt to resolve the awkwardness between the three. Around this time, Lana's aunt moved to Metropolis. Chloe convinced her father to let Lana live with them so that she could remain in Smallville. They cultivated a sister-like friendship, despite their issues with Clark. While exploring the Kawatche Caves, Pete and Chloe got infected with a parasite that caused them to do impulsive things. Pete slipped red kryptonite to Clark so he would join in, and Clark revealed his powers to Chloe. On Chloe's suggestion, an affected Chloe and Clark made out at The Talon, prompting Lana to become disgusted with both of them. However, when Clark snapped out of it, Chloe got upset and declared that she was tired of being second fiddle to Lana, and she and Pete left without Clark to go find more thrills. Clark had to save the two from driving their car off a cliff. When they were cured of the parasite, they did not remember anything that happened. However, the damage was already done to Lana's and Clark's budding relationship. When Clark became infected with kryptonite spores, Chloe (in her new red Volkswagen Beetle convertible) went to visit him at home. While he was unconscious, she read him an emotional, heartfelt letter detailing her feelings for him. However, Clark muttered Lana's name in his sleep, and Chloe left heartbroken. Lana later discovered the letter, but she did not bring up the subject. Lana and Chloe got in a fight when she caught Lana viewing her personal files on her computer- photographs of her and Clark's Spring Formal night. Lana profusely apologized, but Chloe accused Lana of snooping and feeling sorry for her. However, she accepted Lana's apology, and when asked to make a family tree for school, Chloe chose to include Lana as her "sister," stating that her family tree should contain people who love her, not people who aren't there. Chloe was directly responsible for connecting Virgil Swann with Clark by publishing a photograph of the Kryptonian symbol that Clark inadvertently burned into the side of the Kent barn. Dr. Swann contacted Clark by spamming Chloe's email box with repeated messages for Clark. At first, Clark was upset with Chloe for inviting investigation into his life again, but he softened when he learned that Dr. Swann might possess information about his origins. Towards the end of sophomore year, an estrangement developed between Clark and Chloe. Clark forgot to write an article for the Torch because he was doing a favor for Lana. Chloe accused him of never being there when she needed him, and he accused her of acting as if he was cheating on her whenever he was around Lana. She denied this and the bitter argument that ensued caused both of them to take a break from their friendship. Later on, the Torch office was severely vandalized, leaving Chloe devastated. She was approached by Lionel Luthor, who was becoming increasingly obsessed with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Clark Kent. Lionel offered to restore the Torch office and also offered Chloe a job at the Daily Planet - her own column, entitled "Sullivan's Travels." Although he kept his promise and repaired the office damage, Chloe turned him down when she realized he also wanted her to investigate Clark. At this time, she and Clark were mending their broken friendship. However, at this same time, Clark and Lana began a romantic relationship. Both were hesitant to reveal their new status to her and when Chloe found eventually out on her own, she was furious and heartbroken. Rather than warn Clark against Lionel as she initially planned, Chloe accepted Lionel's deal, agreeing to investigate Clark in exchange for the job at the Daily Planet.

Season Three

The summer before their junior year, Clark ran away to Metropolis and took the name "Kal." Working in Metropolis at the Daily Planet, Chloe accidentally ran into him at a dance club but promised not to reveal where he was, mostly because he threatened her. She approached him again and pleaded with him to come home, but Kal reacted violently and dangerously. She told Lana where Clark was, and Lana got upset with her for keeping it a secret. Chloe continued helping Lionel and researching on Clark. However, when her computer hard disk with metahuman information falls into the hands of a psychopath student who hunted meteor-infected people, including Clark and Lex, Chloe began to realize that maybe her research was really dangerous and attempts to delete the database from her computer, but she can´t. Lionel tells her that the computers and their contents are property of the LuthorCorp Foundation and reveals to her his interest in metahumans in general. He threatens her if she ever investigates a member of his family again and then Chloe became very concerned. During this time, Perry White came to Smallville and asks Clark to take him to meet the editor of the Torch which has "a reputation among the bug-eyed monster circles." Chloe is eager to talk about her Wall of Weird until she learns that Perry works for X-Styles. Her interest is renewed when she realized that he is Perry White: multiple Pulitzer-nominated journalist extraordinaire. Chloe's deal with Lionel was discovered by Lex after he finds that she has been researching into the murder of Lionel´s parents. He warns Chloe about his father and after Chloe finds the office of the Torch ransacked, Lex enlisted her help to try and bring down his father. After identifying the guy who started a barn fire, Clark is considering to tell Lana his secret as he is asking Chloe if there's anything he could say that would scare her (her being Chloe) off. Chloe's feeling guilty about investigating Clark and asks him a similar question. Both of them agree that their friendship would remain intact. Later, when Lionel discover Lex and Chloe's attempt at bringing him down, he accuses Lex of insanity and submitted him to a radical electroshock therapy that made him forget his deal with Chloe and what they found about the conspiracy of Lionel to kill his parents. Lionel demands another report on Clark Kent, and reminded Chloe that Lex can´t help her anymore. She becomes very scared and Clark, using his newly-acquired super-hearing, accidentally overheard the telephone conversation between her and Lionel, she assured him that she didn't tell Lionel anything he didn't already know and pleaded for his forgiveness, but he did not accept her apology and their friendship was tenuous for a time. Molly Griggs, working at the Summerholt Institute, attempted to prevent Chloe from writing a planned expose about Lawrence Garner by sending out hypnotic emails to her friends. Clark and Lana each attempted to kill Chloe, and she took refuge in Lex's mansion. Later, Chloe confessed to Clark that maybe she deserved it, and Clark decided that if Chloe forgave him for trying to kill her, he could forgive her for investigating his past. He gave her a second chance because she gave him one when he once made a bad choice at a moment of weakness. He told her that he knows things won't make sense or add up about him; she told Clark that she realizes he'll tell her when he's ready. After this, Chloe was the first person to see Adam Knight injecting something, and goes to his apartment to snoop around. She finds a vial of clear liquid and then told Lana to be careful around him. She investigates the serum and find that it contains platelets unlike anything human or animal. She enlist Lex to help her to discover the truth about Adam. When Chloe was exposed to a kryptonite-based truth agent at LuthorCorp, she gained the ability to make anyone tell her the truth, except for Clark. Chloe tore through Smallville making Lex, Martha, Lana, and others tell her their private thoughts and set off an avalanche of unfortunate events. Clark attempted to keep Chloe away from Pete to prevent Pete from telling Chloe his secret, but Chloe cornered them in an elevator and then Pete kissed her and confessed that he'd had a crush on her for a long time. She used her mobile phone to record Lionel confessing to killing his parents and tried to blackmail him into hiring her father back; but Lionel threatened her right back, and made her go to the Kent's to ask Martha and Jonathan to reveal Clark's secret. The drug was slowly killing her and she almost drove her car off of a bridge when someone she exposed tried to run her off, but Clark saved her and administered the antidote to her. She admitted that she was going to ask "all the questions he would never answer" and tearfully confessed that she was worried Clark wouldn't forgive her for this latest breach of privacy, and that maybe the truth serum brought out her real personality, but Clark told her that she wasn't herself and forgave her. Later that night, she discovered that her voice-mail had been hacked into and Lionel's confession was deleted. Chloe was the first to learn that Pete's parents were separated and gave him her support. She also helps Clark to find Lana when she mysteriously disappeared days before her trip to Paris. Thanks to a second partnership of Chloe with Lex Luthor, the data of Lionel confession was still retrievable and a transcript was made. Before going to testify against Lionel. Chloe helped Jonathan Kent investigate a girl who stalked Clark. Chloe and her father entered a witness-protection safe house. However, moments after stepping in the door, the house was blown up by an explosion, and Chloe was presumed dead.

Season Four

Chloe's cousin Lois Lane arrived in Smallville to find out the truth about her death. She and Clark began investigating her apparent murder, but discovered that she was actually alive. Lex told Clark how he saved her and her father from the blast, and faked their deaths to prevent Lionel from finding them. Lionel's assassin, Trent MacGowen, found her but failed to kill her due to the combined efforts of Clark and Lois. Her testimony and voice-mail confession helped convict Lionel of the murder of his parents, landing him in prison. When she drank a sports drink laced with a kryptonite-enhanced love potion, Chloe was transformed into an overactive devotee to Clark Kent. She joined the cheerleading squad and professed her love for him, showing up in his loft wearing just his football jersey. When her sensibility was restored, Clark reluctantly told her that he does not have romantic feelings for her, but the two were able to remain friends. Chloe continued her research by strange events surrounding Smallville but also had to contend with the latent threat of Lionel Luthor. When Lionel switches bodies with Clark, he humiliates her with the only thing that really hurt her and when was about to kiss her posing as Clark, he pulls back and whispers cruelly, "Don't you wish," and saunters off. Chloe is nearly in tears as he walks away. This caused a tear in her friendship with Clark again. On her eighteenth birthday, Chloe was possessed by a 17th Century witch, Madelyn Hibbins. With Lana and Lois, possessed by witches themselves, they joined a wild party and stripped Clark of his powers. When he recovered his powers, all three girls were restored to normal. Her anger with Clark did not last long, and when she was drawn into an underground gambling ring at school run by foreign exchange student Mikhail Mxyzptlk, she was in trouble and went to Clark for help. Around this time, Chloe began to seriously suspect that something was different about Clark. However, instead of meddling or investigating, as a younger Chloe might have done, she simply stepped back and hoped Clark would come clean. Chloe confided in Clark, revealing that she found her mother three months ago in a mental hospital, being treated for a hereditary mental illness, which Chloe feared she could one day inherit. She emphasized that she felt much better having shared her secret with someone. Shortly after, Chloe truly learned of Clark's powers from a "demonstration" arranged by Alicia Baker, in which she saw Clark catch a car, then super-speed away unknowingly revealing his super-strength and super-speed. She believed Clark to be a meteor freak from the meteor shower, like Alicia. Upon the advice of Lois, Chloe didn't tell Clark she knew his secret, and continued to be the same good friend she always was. However, she frequently dropped subtle hints seemingly urging Clark to tell her. Since that Chloe discovered the secret of his friend, she became the best ally of Clark but he was unaware of this. She turned loyal to him and began to make excuses to cover up his mysterious disappearances and slowly began to discover all the skills that her friend possessed. Chloe was nominated a reluctant candidate for Prom Queen their senior year. Her main competition was Dawn Stiles, the most popular girl in school. However, the night of the Prom, Dawn was seriously injured in a car accident, and her spirit remained behind, jumping from body to body. Chloe went to the prom alone, but was delighted to see that Clark had decided to attend. When Chloe won, Dawn possessed Chloe and attempted to burn down the school. When Clark tried to stop her, Dawn jumped into him. Jonathan had to use green K to subdue her spirit and free Clark. They thought Chloe was unconscious, but she secretly watched, learning Clark's only weakness. Later, Chloe confessed to Lois that she still had hurt feelings over Clark's disappearing act during the Freshman Spring Formal, and sadly watched Clark dance with Lana. When Clark encountered Kevin Grady and was struck with total amnesia, Chloe "Clark-sat" because his parents were out of town. She found herself teaching Clark about his own powers, and learning the ones she was not yet aware of. She told him that she believed he was a metahuman, and that she knew about his secret before he told her. She trusted that he would confide in her on his own time. However, while trying to discover the identity of Kevin Grady, she was captured by his father, who had been attempting to erase his son's memory. He used the procedure on Chloe, but Clark and Kevin got there in time to stop him. When Clark regained his memory, he asked what he did in his condition. Chloe simply told him he did one thing differently- he trusted her. She again left it open for Clark to tell her himself. Shortly before finishing the school year, Chloe was kidnapped by one of her colleagues who was obsessed with school and was forced to stay in a warehouse that simulated a real school. His mysterious disappearance forced his friends to look for her and ultimately found her and returned home safely. Chloe's graduation ceremony was interrupted when the military announced a meteor shower on its way to Smallville. She later discovered a kryptonite-weakened Clark in Lex Luthor's walk-in safe and pulled him to safety. When Lex found her in his office, he dragged her forcibly to the Kawatche Caves and demanded she give him answers. There, Chloe knocked him down, and saw Clark enter a chamber that mysteriously opened in the far wall.

Season Five

Chloe and Clark were transported to the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic. Unable to withstand the sub-zero temperatures, she called out to Clark, who begged to interrupt his training to save her life. Jor-El relented but under one condition: Clark had to return to the Fortress of Solitude before sunset that day. Clark agreed, and took Chloe to a hospital in the Yukon. Chloe finally told Clark that she knew his secret, and Clark told her that he is not a meteor freak, but an alien. She became his confidante, promising to never be the "iceberg to his Titanic." Lex located her and took her back to Smallville. Clark chose not to return to the Fortress by sunset, in order to take Lana to the hospital; Jor-El stripped him of his powers and Clark became mortal. When Clark's family was held hostage by deranged metahumans, the now mortal Clark turned to Chloe's resourcefulness and cleverness. Together, they retrieved a kryptonite serum from Level Three at LuthorCorp plant without his abilities. Gabriel Duncan, an admirer of Chloe, attempted to blow up Smallville with a nuclear missile and begged her to leave town so that she could survive and tell his story. Against Jonathan Kent's instructions, she and Clark confronted Gabriel. Gabriel shot and killed Clark and took Chloe to his bunker for safety. They struggled over his gun and Gabriel was shot. She was unable to stop the missile from launching. However, Jor-El brought Clark back to life and restored his powers and he stopped the missile from landing. Clark's death and resurrection was not without a price and would later on lead to Jonathan Kent's death. Clark returned to his former life of keeping secrets. Chloe urged him to tell Lana the truth, but he did not take her advice. Chloe moved into the Metropolis University dorms and scared her first roommate away with a mini version of the Wall of Weird. Lana became her new roommate after applying for late acceptance. Chloe became one step closer to her dream job of editor of the Daily Planet when she wrote a paper detailing her experiences with a vampire sorority. Shortly after, Lionel Luthor approached her again, and fed her inside information on the true identity of Milton Fine, and Lex's campaign for the Kansas State Senate. Chloe went undercover along with Lois to the Windgate Club to investigate the murder of stripper Melissa Paige. They were threatened to get thrown out until Chloe told them that Lois was a dancer auditioning. Then Chloe talked to the other dancers while Lois was performing a sexy dance, unknowingly drawing the attention of Mr. Lyon, the murderer. The police raided and Chloe found Clark there as well. The dancers told Chloe that her cousin is gone just like Melissa and then Clark rescued Lois before she was taken out of the country. She wrote her story, which Lois and Clark applauded her for. Lois then enlisted Chloe's help in digging up information on Lex to defeat him in the election. She broke into Warehouse 15 and witnessed Professor Fine form himself from the ship. She realized that Fine was duping Clark and followed them to the Fortress of Solitude. Fine overpowered Clark with green K and opened the portal to welcome General Zod back to Earth. Chloe removed the Green K and Clark was able to defeat Fine and prevent Zod's return. Chloe revealed to Martha and Jonathan Kent that she knew of Clark's abilities. After Jonathan passed away, Martha told Chloe that she was glad she was not the only person carrying such a burden, saying that Clark was lucky to have Chloe as a friend. Chloe helped Clark work through his grief over the death of his father by helping him search for the Angel of Vengeance in Metropolis. Chloe was seemingly driven to suicide and was treated by a psychiatrist, Dr. Sydell. She insisted that she did not try to kill herself, but no one believed her except Clark. When she began to hallucinate a vision of murdered girl, Gretchen Winters, Lana asked Lex to transfer her to Belle Reve for better care. However, Clark rescued her and took her to Lois' apartment, where the murdered girl possessed her to extract revenge on her murderer. Back to normal, Chloe had to face her anxiety over her mother's mental illness and with Clark's encouragement, went to visit her for the first time. Chloe and Lois discovered that Clark's new girlfriend Simone had the ability to hypnotize people with an exotic amulet. At Simone's request, Clark almost killed Lex, but Chloe was able to stop him. After they broke up, Clark frequently asked Chloe about Lana's well-being until Chloe told him that she would rather not be in the middle. Chloe and Lana had a fight when she questioned Lana's growing relationship with Lex. Both Lana and Lex responded to her questions with indignation, telling her to mind her own business. Chloe did just that, but when Clark discovered the relationship, he became angry at her too, saying she betrayed him. Chloe stood up for herself, telling Clark that Lana can date whomever she chooses and suggesting he finally get over Lana. He later apologized when he realized that she was just being a good friend for keeping Lana's confidence. Chloe, Lois, and Martha gave Clark a surprise birthday party the same night he saw the spirit of his dead father, who instructed him to kill Lionel Luthor. Chloe found evidence that Jonathan and Lionel met on the night of his death. After the warning turned out to be a trick caused by Brainiac, Lionel revealed that he had been posing as Jor-El's oracle and had been producing pages and pages of scribbled Kryptonian characters. Chloe used her computer skills to decipher the characters into a readable sentence. Clark was then able to read it and translated it as "Zod is coming." However, Chloe was forced to tell Clark that Lana had become addicted to a mysterious drug. She helped him track Lana down and he was able to save her. She also gave Clark Fine's recent whereabouts, information given to her by Lionel Luthor. Lana told Chloe about Lex being taken in by the vessel, and Chloe told Clark. When Fine downloaded a powerful virus into the electrical systems of the world, Clark went to help Chloe, but she told him that he had to leave her behind, because he couldn't save everyone. But before he left, Chloe gave him a passionate kiss, in case they "may never see each other again." Chloe watched riots breaking out in the streets of Metropolis but escaped into Lionel Luthor's limousine. Unfortunately, the limo was attacked by an angry mob as she and Lionel were grabbed out of it.

Season Six

Lionel rescued Chloe and they made their way to the LuthorCorp Plaza building. Chloe hoped to find a way to stop the virus and Lionel gave her a gun for protection. Once the power was returned and the virus was neutralized, Clark returned to her and offered to talk about the kiss they shared, but Chloe claimed it did not change their friendship. She reunited with Jimmy Olsen, with whom she interned at the Daily Planet in high school. They decided to rekindle their romance, but take it a little slower this time. When Clark caught a cold in the Phantom Zone, Chloe helped him find a kidnapped Lex and diverted Lois from investigating his super-sneezes. She also convinced Clark to hone his sneezes into a useful new ability. Chloe asked Clark to help investigate when she and Jimmy found a dead woman in a tree. Jimmy and then Clark also fell victim to the alien vegetation- Jimmy was buried and Clark was strung up and impaled. Chloe realized that electricity killed the alien vegetation, freed Clark, and shocked Jimmy's heart to cure him. Chloe also helped Clark and Lois try to learn the identity of the Green Arrow, who she really admires because his ideals . She realized that Clark knew who he was and stopped investigating when he asked her to. She began to study strange craters all over the world, identical to the ones Clark made when he escaped the Phantom Zone. Using Oliver Queen's satellite images, she and Clark tracked the movement of various escaped prisoners. She also finally met Oliver Queen, who she thought a really attractive man. Jimmy decided to investigate Lex Luthor, he uncovered Kryptonian symbols and showed them to Chloe; she reluctantly had to lie about what they were. Jimmy was fired for his efforts, but was rehired at entry level, in the basement with Chloe. On Thanksgiving Day, Lana confessed to Chloe that she was pregnant. Chloe attended the Kent Thanksgiving dinner, but did not disclose Lana's confession to Clark. Shortly after, Lana enlisted Chloe and Jimmy to help her release Lex from an alternate frequency. Chloe hacked into Lex's computer and obtained schematics and floor plans for Level Three. However, once they rescued Lex, Chloe found all of her files deleted, with Lionel Luthor warning her to stop snooping. Lana did not believe Chloe when she told her about the Luthors' suspicious behavior. Chloe missed a date with Jimmy to help Clark watch over Javier Ramirez while they figured out the mystery behind the deaths at McNally Farm. She was momentarily distracted and felt extremely guilty for letting Javier run away, but she and Jimmy successfully located Javier's mother. Chloe wrote an article about McNally and earned another byline in the Daily Planet. Lana told Chloe that Lex proposed to her and admitted that she still has feelings for Clark. Clark found out Lana was pregnant and was angry at Chloe for not telling him, but Chloe got upset with him, stating that she has to keep other people's confidence as well as his, and they quickly made up. When Lana's admission was printed in the newspaper, Chloe confronted Linda Lake and learned she had the ability to turn into water. Lana later asked Chloe to tell her the truth about Clark, but Chloe refused. Chloe tried to interview Dr. Caselli about Project 33.1, but he attempted to shoot her. Luckily, Bart Allen showed up and saved her. Chloe learned that Bart was back in town because he had joined Oliver's group of heroes that intend to take down Lex's Projects. She went to Oliver's penthouse and helped the team rescue Bart (and Clark) adopting the codename Watchtower. Lana asked Chloe to be her Maid of Honor, but a red kryptonite-infected Clark crashed the engagement party and said rude things to Chloe. Jimmy later confronted Chloe about how she always defends Clark and would rather be with him. Chloe assured him that there was more than he knows, but Jimmy broke up with her anyway. However, Clark assured Jimmy that they weren't in love and advised him to get take her back. Lana stayed with Chloe when she was being stalked and showed her a photograph of the chisel that bent when Lex tried to stab Clark. Chloe warned Clark that Lana was very close to finding out his secret. Chloe was the only attendant at Lana's bachelorette party at a bowling alley. Chloe noticed Daniel Kim's impressive bowling and followed him outside where she witnessed him get abducted by men in a black SUV. They tried to run Chloe down but she was able to escape. The next day, she and Clark investigated Daniel's capture, but he showed up fine, with no recollection of the abduction. Chloe showed Clark photographs from the night that also had an old classmate, Tobias Rice, in them. They asked Tobias about Daniel, but he claimed to not know anything about it. Shortly after, Chloe herself disappeared for a day, in which she was subjected to invasive experimentation. However, she returned the next day seemingly fine with no memory of the event. When Daniel turned up dead, Chloe insisted Clark X-ray her and they discovered that she was being tracked with a GPS chip under her collarbone. At Chloe's insistence, he burned a hole in her shoulder with his heat vision and picked it out. She realized that she was targeted because someone identified her as a meteor freak and told Clark that she was afraid that she might have powers that will manifest, making her a danger to herself or others. Clark promised he will be there to help her control her powers, if she ever developed any. On her wedding day, Lana locked Chloe in the wine cellar of the Luthor Mansion, knowing she'd call Clark for help. She watched as Chloe told Clark that he needed to tell Lana the truth and save her from a loveless marriage. Nevertheless, she still supported Lana and performed all of her Maid of Honor duties. Chloe helped Clark locate the underground krypto-mutant fight club that used inmates from Belle Reve. She also discovered that the Zoner that was dominating the club was not an inmate, allowing Clark to infiltrate the facility. Lex obtained a drug that brought Chloe's mother, Moira Sullivan out of her catatonic state and used her to control other metahumans. Moira controlled Chloe first to notify her of her location, then to try and get her to escape harm from Lex, but Chloe was captured and sent to the 33.1 facility. She and her mother were saved by Clark. However, the drug wore off and Moira slipped back into catatonia. With the help of Oliver Queen, Clark and Chloe transferred her to a safer facility. Chloe started writing an article about LuthorCorp's projects until Lex came by and threatened her if she published the story. Chloe and Jimmy investigated the shooting of Lana Luthor at the Daily Planet, and while recovering, Lana admitted to Chloe that she married Lex to protect Clark. Clark got angry when Chloe refused to tell him what Lana had disclosed. Jimmy was sent on an assignment in Milwaukee by the Planet, which meant leaving Chloe. However, they didn't break up, but parted on optimistic terms. Clark later admitted to Chloe that he told Lana his secret and she seemed happy for him. Chloe asked Lois not to dig into the death of Wes Keenan and Project Ares, but Lois investigated anyway and was stabbed in the stomach at Reeves Dam. She called Chloe, who arrived to find Lois was bleeding to death. As Chloe cried over her body, Lois was instantly healed but Chloe fell unconscious.

Season Seven

Chloe, still unconscious, was dragged out of the water by Lois. She was admitted to the hospital but she was unable to be revived and declared dead. However, she inexplicably awakened in the morgue, where Clark came to her rescue and she saw both her and Lana's certificate of death. While grieving for Lana, she tried to help Clark fight Bizarro. Later, she burned her death certificate. After their encounter with a mysterious woman, Clark took Lois home where she announced she had found a spaceship and intended to investigate. Out of Lois' earshot, Clark explained that the ship belonged to a Kryptonian girl and Chloe offered to divert Lois and take her to get checked out while Clark searched for the girl. Chloe then met Lex at the receiving area of the Daily Planet building, where he pressed her to tell him if she knew anything about Lana's death. Chloe's first meeting with the new editor, Grant Gabriel, proved disastrous when he proclaimed her a washout. When Lois showed Grant her story about the ship, he gave her a job with a desk right next to her shocked cousin. Clark later brought the girl to the Daily Planet to meet Chloe and explained that she was his Kryptonian cousin Kara. When Jimmy Olsen returned to town, he was eager to spend time with Chloe, but she was preoccupied with anxiety over her meteor-rock infection and pressure from Grant Gabriel. Simultaneously, Jimmy developed a connection with Kara. When she found out that a doctor, Curtis Knox, performed a procedure to cure meteor-rock infection, she was willing to risk six years of memory loss to have it done. She canceled a date with Jimmy and argued with Clark before meeting Dr. Knox. However, she realized that Dr. Knox actually murders his patients, but was unable to escape. Clark saved her and she reunited with Jimmy. Wanting to start over, Jimmy asked if their relationship could only be "normal", but when Chloe couldn't promise him this or tell him her concerns, he broke up with her. When Lana absorbed Clark's powers, her behavior disturbed Clark enough for him to ask Chloe about the Isis Foundation. Chloe took him to the headquarters and they were shocked that Lana had been surveilling Lex. She confronted Lana on her actions and calmly informed her that even if Lana believed she was protecting Clark with her misdeeds, Chloe was not going to let Lana hurt him. Chloe accidentally walked in on Grant and Lois making out and angrily informed Lois that their relationship could destroy Lois' job. Lois claimed to take her advice but continued the affair. At the same time, Clark had an encounter with his Kryptonian uncle Zor-El, who tricked him into putting on a ring containing blue kryptonite and stripping him of his powers. Clark asked Chloe to give him a ride so he could confront Zor-El. The two were stunned when Zor-El caused an eclipse in an attempt to wipe out humanity. Christmas of 2007, Adrian Cross used Chloe as leverage to make Lois expose Lex's illegal cloning project. He planted a bomb on Chloe and trapped her in an elevator with Jimmy. Convinced she was going to die, she confessed her meteor infection to him. However, Bizarro, posing as Clark, saved the two because he needed her to decipher a Kryptonian message. Chloe later displayed her power to Jimmy, showing that she had gained control over them. When "Clark" started to forget things and act strangely, Chloe asked Lana if she'd noticed. Lana thought Clark had just changed his priorities and they announced they were leaving Smallville forever. Chloe was extremely upset, but was able to steal the Kryptonian shield from the farm. When Clark returned, Chloe made him prove he was himself before she gave it to him. Clark avoided his issues with Lana by visiting Chloe at work. He realized that Chloe had been helping Oliver Queen with missions and had been attacked. Chloe says that work with Oliver is really exciting. He was extremely angry at Oliver for putting her in danger. Together, Clark and Chloe identified and named her attacker, vigilante heroine Black Canary. They also teamed up to find their cousins when Lex located Kara, but was shot and went into a coma. Chloe offered to heal him, but Clark wouldn't let her. Instead, he used a risky interrogation process to enter Lex's subconscious and find their location. However, Lex began to flatline with Clark still linked to him. Chloe used her healing power to cure Lex and allow Clark to regain consciousness, but killed herself for eighteen hours. Clark watched over her until she awoke and asked her not to use her powers again, but Chloe was confident in her decision, but wondered why she had been given such an amazing gift out of all the meteor abilities so far seen. But they both wondered if she'd ever "die" permanently. In town for a visit, Pete Ross shocked Chloe by proudly displaying his new abilities. Chloe was livid when she discovered that Lex was monitoring her computer, so Pete tried to hack Lex's computer for her, but Lex blackmailed him into working for him by threatening to reveal Chloe as a meteor freak. Before leaving, Pete visited Chloe again and promised to keep in touch. Jimmy admitted that he felt like he and Kara were over and asked Chloe for a cup of coffee, to which she agreed. When Clark was kidnapped, Lana and Chloe suspected Lionel after discovering a kryptonite taser dart, but he tried to convince them that Lex was responsible. Chloe saw through Lionel's lies and found Clark's location. She took Kara to the Fortress and pleaded with Jor-El to restore Kara's memories, giving a heartfelt and impassioned speech to sway him. Jor-El, although silent, did as she asked, and Clark was rescued. Chloe helped Clark track Brainiac's return by tracking energy surges, but she was devastated to learn that they were too late to save Lana from Brainiac's attack. Chloe attempted to help Clark locate Brainiac by hacking into high-security satellite grids. Lionel approached Chloe and asked her to plead with Clark to listen to him and accept his Veritas key. Chloe dismissed him. Shortly after, they learned that Lionel had seemingly committed suicide by jumping out of his office window. Chloe returned to her Daily Planet desk to find that Lionel had left the key. Lex discovered it and fired Chloe for lying to him. Chloe received a message from Jimmy indicating that he had evidence that Lionel was murdered. She went to meet him at the Isis Foundation, but the photo evidence was destroyed. As Chloe and Jimmy rekindled their relationship, Jimmy continued to display the same insecurities and was upset that Chloe seemingly blew him off. Chloe tried to explain that she was helping manage the Isis Foundation. However, as she was trying to help Clark locate Brainiac, he knew she was working on something top-secret. When Chloe devised a plan to hack into the Metropolis Satellite Center, Jimmy was approached by Vanessa Webber, an agent of the Department of Domestic Security. She convinced Jimmy that Chloe was part of a terrorist sleeper cell. Vanessa forced him to spy on Chloe, but he double-crossed her and saved her. Unbeknownst to Chloe, it was actually Lex that prevented her from being arrested, and Lex continued to blackmail Jimmy with Chloe's freedom. Chloe was able to obtain a satellite image of Kara and Brainiac in outer space, and suggested to Clark that they had gone back in time to Krypton. Clark became so depressed that wondered if the world would be better off if he'd never came to earth. She watched as Clark was transported to such an alternate reality, in which Chloe was happy and engaged. When Clark returned, Chloe tried to assure him that the world needed him, and he was able to go back to Krypton, stop Brainiac, and bring Kara home. Jimmy continued to research the Kawatche caves, despite Chloe's attempts to throw him off the story. However, when Lex had a Kryptonian symbol carved into his chest, Chloe was forced to realize that Lex was dangerously close to Clark's secret. She told Clark and helped him track down the last living member of Veritas, Edward Teague. They followed him to Montreal where he overpowered Clark in order to sacrifice the Traveler, but Chloe arrived just in time to save him. Clark and Chloe were shocked to realize that Kara was responsible for Edward Teague's death. They hatched a plan to confront Kara, but Chloe insisted on meeting her alone. She realized that "Kara" was actually Brainiac, just before he attacked her. However, Chloe's meteor power protected her from being completely controlled and significantly weakened Brainiac. Chloe was rushed to the hospital and kept in intensive care until Clark was able to defeat Brainaic for good. Chloe recovered fully and Jimmy took her home. Jimmy asked Chloe to marry him, because he realized that he never wanted to lose her, but before Chloe could answer, she was suddenly arrested for terrorism by agents claiming to be from the DDS.

Season Eight

Four weeks later, Chloe was in the custody of who she thought was the Department of Domestic Security and was forced to use her new ability of process information at superhuman speed to decipher encoded telephone numbers of suspected terrorists, but when she realized that she was working for LuthorCorp, tried to escape but was quickly retained. She was rescued by the Justice League but in the process Clark was seriously injured and when Chloe tried to heal him found her healing power were inactive. Chloe accepted the marriage proposal from Jimmy and both were committed. While she helped a victim of an explosion that occurred outside the Daily Planet, she struck up a friendship with a paramedic on the scene, Davis Bloome. Chloe reopened the Isis Foundation and admitted to her friends that she was engaged. When Oliver was poisoned, Chloe called her new friend to treat him and used her new ability to research a cure, leaving Clark worried about the effects of her new power. Jimmy moved in with Chloe and discovered a love letter that she had written for Clark and question her love for him. They discussed the letter and she told him that she no longer has strong feelings for Clark. She asked Clark to give her away at the altar and later, when she and Jimmy held an engagement party, they were kidnapped by a jeweler, who tortured the couple by forcing them to reveal their true feelings and Chloe revealed that she was not in love with anyone else other than Jimmy. Her friendship with Davis continued to grow and when Chloe moderated group sessions at the Isis Foundation for young people, one member was murdered and while investigating the death, Davis confessed to her that he could be the murderer. She refused to believe this and felt drawn to prove Davis' innocence. He questioned her motives for helping him and insinuated that she might want more than friendship but then Chloe told him she felt the need to keep her distance from him for the time being. Chloe helped Clark trick Jimmy when he figured out that Clark was the mysterious hero that he took in a photograph and later when Chloe realizes that a metahuman sent by Tess knew about Clark's secret, visited him at the hospital and overloaded his brain with information. When Clark and Lois mysteriously disappeared from the Kent Farm, Chloe deduced that it had something to do with Clark's Crystal of Knowledge, which she found on the floor and recruited Oliver´s help to stole the Crystal's generator from Tess Mercer so she could create a portal to the Phantom Zone to releasing them. She demonstrates advanced control over her new powers but risking her own health to do so. Chloe began to have significant bouts of memory loss and deduced that Brainiac was slowly taking over. When she could only remember Davis, Clark rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude and took Chloe there, where Jor-El agreed to restore Chloe and erase all the memories she had about Clark's secret. Jor-El seemingly removing the Brainiac infection and Chloe fully recovered. Without the burden of Clark's secret, Chloe was thrilled to be marrying Jimmy, but then Davis approached her again and told her that he did not want to watch her marry the wrong man and kissed her. The day of the wedding, she kept receiving desperate calls from Davis Bloome, but chose to ignore them and at the reception, a creature attacked and injured many people, Jimmy most seriously.
Chloe Jimmy Wedding
The creature addressed Chloe by name and kidnapped her and later took her to the Fortress of Solitude, which had been taken over by Brainiac, where the computer possesses Chloe and used her as his vessel. Brainiac took full control of Chloe's body and revealed his plan to destroy the earth while draining all humans of their knowledge. With the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the future, Clark extracted Brainiac from Chloe. She was fully-recovered with most of her prior memories, including knowledge of Clark's secret, intact. However, Chloe has indicated that she does not clearly remember the time period leading up to the wedding. She advised Clark that the next time, Clark would do the right thing for the world, and not for her. Chloe went periodically to Star City to care for her husband and at same time helped Clark go undercover to find out who shot John Jones. Before she left for Star City, she questioned Clark's actions regarding Lana's return, and Lois' burgeoning feelings for him. She warned Clark not to hurt Lois. Clark asked Chloe for advice on his relationship with Lana, but she told him to talk to Lana. Clark was angry that Chloe didn't tell him that Lana had returned to town months earlier, but Chloe told him that she was respecting the confidence of her friend. During this time, Chloe also became involved with the bombing murders of the shareholders of LuthorCorp when Oliver asked her to secretly track down Winslow Schott, whom he believed responsible and who would lead him to Lex Luthor. Although Chloe helped Oliver, she did not agree with his murderous vendetta, but he revealed that he knew she was responsible for the death of Sebastian Kane. Chloe denied responsibility, saying it was Brainiac's actions, but Oliver wondered if she could have been driven by her instinct to protect Clark. Jimmy was scheduled to be transferred home to Metropolis but around the same time, Clark told Chloe that he planned to reveal his secret to avoid blackmail from Linda Lake. She thought it was a bad idea and when this resulted in disaster, Clark turned back time. Chloe wondered if Clark uses his secret to hide and keep from getting hurt and advises him to create two completely separate identities especially since Tess Mercer had become dangerously close to finding out Clark's secret. Her husband finally came home, still suffering from extreme pain and nightmares of his ordeal. Chloe suggested he talk to a psychologist, but remained optimistic that their troubled times were ahead of them. However, Jimmy apparently began to suffer hallucinations and paranoia, claiming Davis was a murderer. Chloe seemed torn on who to believe and ultimately tasered Jimmy unconscious to stop him from assaulting Davis. Upon being released from the hospital, Jimmy refused to go home with Chloe and told her that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life, leaving her heartbroken. At her birthday party, she confessed to Oliver that his life was a mess and was going through a major identity crisis through jealous of Clark and Lois' journalism partnership. She was approached by a magician at the party, who granted her a wish and Chloe woke up looking exactly like her cousin. She lived as Lois for a day and discovers what she really wants to do with his life and decided that journalism was someone else's life and officially joined Oliver Queen's hero team as Watchtower. After she and Jimmy divorced, Chloe found a sympathetic ear in Davis Bloome but Clark thought she was too trusting and proved that he was right when they discovered that Davis was the city serial killer, burying bodies in a field in Smallville. Davis confronted Chloe and confessed that he was in love with her and asked her to help him die. She tried to immerse him in liquid kryptonite, and mistakenly believing she had managed to kill him, she feel bad. However, Davis emerged, stronger than ever, and hid in the basement of the Talon. He told Chloe that she prevented him from murdering Clark and asked her to stay with him. Chloe began harboring Davis without anyone's knowledge and the situation starts to become more complicated since Davis called her often and did not let her leave the house for very long periods of time. When Chloe was mugged, the mugger came to the Talon to threaten her and Davis transformed and killed him. Chloe was tasked with disposing of the body and was clearly overwhelmed and in over her head. She almost confessed to Lois, but didn't. Clark asked her why she had been distant, but Chloe claimed that she was just under a lot of stress. Chloe had a conflicting dream about Davis which started out romantic, but ended with a vision of Clark's dead body and start to worry seriously. Clark realized that Davis was not dead and confronted Chloe, but she dismissed his concern. She seek assistance of Emil Hamilton to try to find a cure for Davis, but Dr. Hamilton eventually reported that there was nothing he could do. Davis became increasingly needy, saying he could not be physically apart from her anymore. Clark tried to take Davis to the Fortress of Solitude and send him to the Phantom Zone, but Chloe stopped him, believing that it was not the best solution. As a last resort, she left with Davis and later phoned Clark to tell him not to look for her. Clark insisted that she was doing the wrong thing but Chloe believed she was sacrificing herself to keep Clark safe. Chloe and Davis were fugitives until the Justice League captured them and Chloe separated Doomsday from Davis using Black kryptonite. She and Davis waited with Jimmy in safety in a loft apartment Jimmy had purchased for them. Jimmy explained that he had forgiven her because he learned Clark's secret and Chloe told him she was only with Davis to protect Clark. Hearing this, Davis flew into a rage and attacked them, mortally wounded Jimmy and willing to kill Chloe. Jimmy was able to kill Davis and save her before dying in Chloe's arms. Chloe attended his funeral and reunited with Clark in the Watchtower. She told him that Jimmy was watching over her and he would want her to work to help heroes save the world. Clark declared that his human persona was hindering his destiny as a hero, and stated that "Clark Kent is dead" before departing, leaving Chloe, who has now lost her cousin, her ex-husband, and (spiritually) her best friend, alone and completely heartbroken.

Season Nine

Three weeks after the death of Jimmy and without contact from Clark, Lois, or Oliver, Chloe took refuge in the Watchtower, which Dr. Hamilton filled with computers. When Lois suddenly reappeared, Chloe visited her in hospital, but Dr. Hamilton believed that Lois had not come back from the future alone, so Chloe warned Clark to watch out for an assassin. Chloe later pleaded with Clark to use the Legion ring to go back in time to save Jimmy but when Clark flatly refused, she became angry, reminding him how much she had sacrificed for him. Distraught, Chloe left Clark, remarking that Clark truly had no humanity left. Chloe became more angry with Clark when she discovered than Lois had been receiving calls from the Blur and that he relied more on Lois than her. Chloe confronted Clark about this and was particularly angry when his contact with Lois led to John Corben kidnapping her. Once Lois was safe, Clark apologized to Chloe for leaving her and Chloe confessed that she missed Jimmy and Clark very much and encouraged him to return to his life as Clark Kent, as she knew that Tess Mercer was investigating where Lois had been for those missing three weeks and felt it was important for Clark to stop Tess from discovering anything else about him. When a mutant-zombie virus struck Metropolis, Chloe and Emil used Clark's Kryptonian blood as an antidote. Once they had made the antidote airborne they were able to cure all the infected people. When Chloe discovered that Clark had gained a new telepathic ability, she felt insulted that Clark was using it to control Lois' affections for him. Nevertheless, Chloe helped Clark when they discovered that Toyman had returned and was threatening to blow up the Ace of Clubs. Chloe later discovered that Alia, the Kryptonian assassin had been in the audience. When Oliver got into trouble with a woman at a casino, he called on Chloe for help researching the woman. Oliver later worked out that Chloe had hired the woman to drug, kidnap and steal from Oliver in order to force him over the edge and face his demons. Chloe was satisfied that this situation had helped Oliver find himself again. Following Alia's reappearance, Chloe ran a worldwide search to find any Kandorians and told Clark that she had found several Kryptonian symbols scattered across the world. Chloe decided to use her Watchtower computers to hack into the computer networks of Tess to look into her projects, in order to find the Kandorians. When she found out that Tess' tech boy wonder was Stuart Campbell, she decided to enlist his extreme computer skills to join her cause, which he accepted. Chloe arrived at the Kent Farm and found Jor-El. Chloe explained to him about Krypton's destruction and revealed that he had a son named Kal-El and that he had great parents. When armed men came to kidnap Jor-El, he knocked Chloe out for her own safety. Chloe was woken by Clark and she told him Jor-El had been there with her. She used her surveillance footage to reveal that Tess had kidnapped Jor-El. Going through the video-feeds again later she noticed that Jor-El opened a hole in a wall and was holding an object. Chloe met Zan and Jayna and advised them of how to become superheroes. Their botched rescues threatened Clark's reputation as the Blur and he nearly revealed his identity to defend himself, but Chloe stopped him from doing this. Clark accused Chloe of taking Lois out of the hospital after she fell into a coma. Chloe denied this and proved Tess was responsible. Chloe and Emil followed Clark to where Tess was holding Lois and found an injured Stuart. They took him to hospital and allowed Clark to witness Lois' memories via Tess' machines. Once Clark awoke, he planned to befriend Zod in order to avoid the devastating future he witnessed but Chloe was against this idea. When Lois was attacked by a mysterious assassin, Chloe investigated but soon found herself the victim of the attacker. She managed to escape with only a wound on her arm. She believed that Oliver was the one who attacked her and Lois and them she told Clark about what she was done to bring back Oliver from the dark side. Clark then became worried that she seemed to be in the Watchtower and overseeing people through her screens too much and recommended that she went out more but she claimed that she was fine. As Chloe was trying to reach Clark, she was found by the Sylvester Pemberton, who knew her Watchtower identity and those of her fellow superheroes. Before he could ask for her help, Sylvester was killed by Icicle. She and Clark later investigated the murders of other victims that Sylvester was connected to, learning about the Justice Society of America. Chloe, Clark, Oliver, and John Jones joined forces with Hawkman, Stargirl, and Doctor Fate to stop Icicle from killing them. During her time with Stargirl and John, Chloe was told that the Watchtower needs to be out there in the real world. Chloe took this advice and went to a comic book convention where she met Steven Swift, after he rescued her. She quickly became close to him but then discovered that he was in fact a young boy that had been transformed by an enchanted comic book. As the enchantment continued, Steven began to transform into a villain, putting Chloe in danger until Clark rescued her. Back at the Watchtower, Chloe and Oliver bond over how neither of them seem to have fun, and later share an intimate moment as Oliver taught her how to shoot an arrow. Chloe was put under Clark's spell of persuasion when he became infected with gemstone-kryptonite and unintentionally ordered Chloe to worry more about him. Taking this literally, Chloe criticized Lois' relationship with Clark and then tried to damage Zod's solar tower with a computer virus. When Tess confronted Chloe about this, they began to fight and Chloe was almost killed by Tess but Clark intervened to get his revenge on Tess for killing Jor-El. Chloe found Clark and Tess just in time to stop Clark from killing Tess by burning out Clark's infection with kryptonite, releasing her from the spell. As Chloe and Oliver became an item, Oliver confronted Chloe about taking his money from the company. Chloe explained what she had done by showing Oliver her arsenal of Kryptonite weapons. Chloe felt that she could no longer sit back and just trust Clark. Chloe and Oliver decided to have a secret weekend getaway in a B&B, and ended bumping in Clark and Lois that were at the same place as them. After the awkard moment between the couples, Lois talked to her about her relationship with Oliver and Chloe claims that they are not a couple, just having fun together without gifts or strings, although her cousin claims be glad for see them together. Oliver bought a gift to her, but Chloe turned it down, saying that she wouldn't want their relationship getting complicated. Later, Chloe started to open Oliver's gift but hesited. She and Oliver talk about their relationship, showing that they have put their past relationships behind and are moving on together. As Chloe was investigating Checkmate for Clark and Oliver, she ended up getting captured and had a gun pointed at her face. Clark managed to save her, but realized he seemed to have been reckless at not protecting her better like he used to before committing to his Kryptonian training and helping the Kandorians. When Clark became infected with red kryptonite again, Clark turned on Chloe, who then had to rely on Tess to stop Clark from joining Zod and revealing all of his secrets. Once Clark was cured, Clark and Chloe reconsiled. She understood what Clark was going through, and Clark felt jealous of what Chloe and Lois shared as a family. Chloe helped Clark find Lois using Watchtower when he discovered she was still having secret calls with The Blur. The two worked together to find out who was impersonating Clark, and later discovered it was Zod. When Chloe discovered Tess breaking into Watchtower, the building triggered its security system, trapping them both inside. Chloe and Tess began to work out their differences and realised Checkmate was their common enemy. Tess says that Chloe hide herself behind the computers. Chloe admits that she had been problems with trust in people again, Tess talk about Oliver saying that Chloe don't have reasons for put him away because of fear, cause he wont leave her. Chloe gives a purpose in his life and she has everything right from her face, but can't even see it. Once Chloe realized Tess was being monitored by Checkmate, they devised a way to escape, although this resulted in the destruction of Watchtower. Once they had escaped, Chloe helped disarm Tess' GPS tracker that had been inplanted by Checkmate. However, the only way to do this was to kill her and once safely off Checkmates radar, Chloe considered not reviving Tess, but, with her conscious kicking in, she does so, saying she promised Tess she would and that now Tess owed her. Later Chloe visits Oliver in the hospital. Chloe continued to help Clark find the Book of Rao in the remains of her Watchtower, but kept coming across blocks by the mysterious Red Queen. When Clark came to her, asking her to restore Watchtower, She apologized for everything she had done, saying that it was all to protect him. She told him she wasn't ready to be Watchtower again, and that she wasn't a hero like him. With Oliver in her life, she just wanted to live in the real world again, but after a uplifting pep-talk from Clark, she agreed to become Watchtower once again. Informing Oliver what was going on, Chloe started calling her heroes to find the Kandorians. She believed that Clark would be able to lead his people in another world. She managed to contact Black Canary, Cyborg, Stargirl, John Jones, and Hawkman as a conference of what to do. When Clark made the choice to leave with the Kandorians, she was saddened. Oliver tells Chloe that a satellite launched specifically for Watchtower but that need to be brought manually. They start the mission. When she heard that Oliver was being attacked after establishing a link with Queen Industries satellite for, he confessed his love, and so did she, but discovered that his attackers were not Kandorians.

Season Ten

Watching a video of Oliver's abduction, Chloe used her resources to try to find him, eventually resorting to using the Helmet of Nabu, which made her fall unconscious. Once she recovered, she relayed what she had seen and sent Clark to Cadmus Labs to extinguish a fire and stop Lex's clone. Chloe said goodbye to Clark and later traded herself for Oliver. After Chloe went away, all the records of her existence disappeared, making it seem like Chloe Sullivan was never born. Tess revealed that Chloe asked her help to reset the Watchtower computers so nobody could find her and later Oliver learned that Chloe killed herself with a cyanide pill to protect him from Rick Flag. Clark and Oliver came to the conclusion that she'd actually faked her own death after finding a cyanide antidote in her apartment and then Clark realized that after seeing the future, Chloe had planned her departure for unknown reasons. While Oliver was training, he was thinking about the first time he and Chloe kissed, which was after he'd helped her shoot an arrow. Lois witnessed his act of aggression, and when she asked him what brought it on, he admitted to her that Chloe has left them.

Despite Chloe being missing, she had apparently contacted the Smallville Torch newspaper, whose new editors, Clayton and Zoe, had been continuing her work with the Wall of Weird, which they have formatted digitally. The night after the high school reunion, which only Clark and Lois attended, Chloe contacted the new editors with a message thanking them for "carrying" the Torch. Later, when Clark proposed to Lois and she accepted, Chloe sent Lois a letter with a gift for her wedding day, congratulating her on her engagement to Clark. A flashback revealed that before her disappearance, Chloe talked with Lois about why Clark and Lana's relationship never worked out. When Lois questioned Chloe about her relationship with Oliver, Chloe instantly understood that Lois had discovered Clark's secret and then encouraged her cousin by saying that Lana was never destined to be with Clark. Apparently, Chloe had seen Lois's future, as she was the first to congratulate Lois on her engagement almost immediately after it happened. Finally, after months of being missing, Chloe reappeared and used the resources of the Suicide Squad to save her friends after they were abducted by the VRA. As the team was trapped in a virtual world, Chloe used her skills to hack into the computer and created an avatar of herself to reach out to Lois, Clark, and the members of the Justice League and saved them by jumping with her from the top of the Daily Planet in order to pass through a virtual portal. Clark failed to trust her but due to Lois's influence, he eventually took the leap of faith for both Lois and Chloe. Chloe talked with Clark and later Oliver about her reasons for leaving, revealing that after putting on the Helmet of Nabu, she saw that her friends would be kidnapped and decided to leave in order to save them at the right moment. Lois and Clark asked her to be Lois's Maid of Honor, which she gratefully accepted. Waking up together one morning at Watchtower, Chloe and Oliver watched a Pro-Hero Rally in Metropolis online. She saw Martha Kent there, witnessed an assassination attempt on Martha, and went to check on her. Martha and Chloe knew each other's secret lives: Martha as Red Queen and Chloe as the new leader of the Suicide Squad. They both agreed that leaving Clark had been for the best, but that she should now stay with him for support. Chloe and Lois later showed Clark videos from the citizens of Metropolis that supported the Blur. Chloe went to the Kent Farm to watch the VRA announcement and shared in the celebration when the act was repealed. Chloe and Oliver decided to go out on an anniversary date at the Ace of Clubs, using another couple's surname to get an already reserved table. While celebrating, Chloe admitted being not entirely certain of what to call Oliver, hedging at the boyfriend/girlfriend titles. Chloe and Oliver were kidnapped from the Ace of Clubs, and shoved in a car trunk after being connected with the missing FBI Agents that had unwittingly impersonated. They then had to solve the mysterious deaths themselves. Chloe was found out by Desaad, who abducted her. She was confronted with hallucinations of the Deadly Sins plaguing her to give into Darkseid. Clark managed to rescue her from Desaad. Chloe revealed to Oliver that she regretted erasing her identity and felt lost, especially when she looked back on the person she was in high school. After reminding her that he knew her completely, Oliver finally convinced Chloe to take on the title of his girlfriend. Chloe attended a party at the Kent Farm for Clark and Lois. She personally toasted to the couple before the group had an intake of hexed champagne which made them all magically drunk and wild. Chloe awoke the next morning in Clark's closet, unable to remember a thing and apparently married to Clark. During the investigation into the night before, Chloe and Clark ended up at the Fortune Casino, where they found Lois and Oliver. After a hectic day, Chloe met Clark in the barn to say her goodbyes, telling Clark she is once again leaving Smallville to a job in Star City and to find more heroes and inspire them to reach their full potential. While the group watched the video of the wild night, Chloe snuck away to leave but was stopped by Oliver, who revealed that it was in fact him that Chloe married the night before. Chloe then left to start her new life, with Oliver by her side.

Season Eleven

Six months later, Chloe currently resides within the walls of Watchtower, back in Metropolis with husband Oliver Queen. The two share a coffee together as they wait for any signs of Superman before resuming their previous plans.

At Watchtower, a frazzled Chloe complains about the lack of speed of the computer as she attempts to access the databanks of the Korolyov. Lois comes by with coffee and asks what has Chloe so stressed. She explains that she's trying to find out just what was the energy ribbon - or "rift," as she refers to it - that Clark saw in space. When Lois refers to her "forever-fiancé", Chloe apologizes for her and Oliver being married while Clark and Lois have yet to be. Lois assures her that they will get married when the time is right, when the world is in less danger, Clark isn't trying to save it, and Lois isn't busy reporting on the danger and Clark's saving the day. Chloe commiserates, acknowledging how tough it is when Oliver is rebuilding Queen Industries while going out and being a hero, as she's busy taking care of Watchtower and setting up a similar hub in Star City while working her day job as a reporter for the Star City Gazette.

As Chloe thanks Lois for the coffee, the computer completes accessing the systems on the Korolyov. With the camera feeds now online, Chloe rewinds to the incident the rift and the debris that smashed into the station. Lois and Chloe are both shocked to see something floating amongst the debris: a spaceship.



  • Computer Hacking: She is also an accomplished computer hacker, skilled enough to break into even the most elaborate computer systems.
  • Computer Operation
  • Investigation
  • Journalism: Chloe is an excellent researcher, specializing in the field of investigative journalism. She maintains a network of contacts in prominent fields in both Smallville and Metropolis.
  • Chloe Sullivan was portrayed by Allison Mack for the run of the series. She also voiced the character in the animated, web-based spin-offs.
  • Chloe Sullivan is also known as Watchtower, Nellie Bly and Nancy Drew.
  • Chloe has only slept with two men in her life: Jimmy Olsen (she confessed to Lana Lang in Season Four . They had a relationship later) and Oliver Queen (her current relationship on the show, Season 9)
  • Chloe is a "Kelly Clarkson" fan.
  • According to Rokk Krinn there is no record of Chloe in his time.
  • Chloe can translate spoken Latin.
  • According to the high school yearbook, Chloe was most likely to "Win the Pulitzer Prize."
  • According to Chloe, she has already met Batman and Wonder Woman, referring to them as being a "Billionaire with high tech toys" and "a woman who is going to throw you (Clark) for a loop."



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This character is or was a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats.
This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice League of America members" category.

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Suicide Squad member
This character is or was a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences, in any of its various incarnations. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Suicide Squad members" category.

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Team Arrow member
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This character is or was a member of the Green Arrow family of vigilante super-heroes, who fight crime using archery and martial arts. They are a loose connection brought together through family bonds and shared experiences. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Team Arrow members."

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D.E.O. member
This character is or was a member of the D.E.O., a government agency dedicated to protecting the general public from extraterrestrial and superhuman threats, in any of its various incarnations.
This template will categorize articles that include it into the "DEO members" and "Government Agents categories.