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Christine St. Clair, an Interpol agent, seeks a mysterious vigilante called Manhunter, aka Paul Kirk, a former big-game hunter. She learns from a man in Nepal of how Manhunter protected an idealistic anti-tyrant from assassination by a group of clones of Manhunter's, and then leaves, not knowing that the man she spoke to was Manhunter himself in disguise.

Christine St. Clair learns more about the mysterious Manhunter from her Interpol boss, Damon Nostrand, and gets the assignment to find him.

Christine St. Clair catches up to Manhunter and learns of his origin. He tells her of the existence of a mysterious group called the Council which brought him back to life through cloning. When he finishes his story, they see her boss coming up to them with a gun. It's been revealed that he is secretly working for the Council, and Manhunter kills him.

After killing Christine's former boss, Manhunter reveals to her that the Council had him cloned to head their enforcement branch. He also confesses that Nostrand was one of their pawns, which is why he killed him too. Later, Christine discovers some of Nostrand's files in his hotel, which indicate that he had made both Manhunter and herself fugitives.

Manhunter and Christine St. Clair invade a cathedral in Istanbul. They confront the Council, gaining evidence that the organization was responsible for murdering one of their directors.


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