Slipknot is a villain who is believed to have once worked as a chemist in the Southern United States, where he developed the supremely powerful adhesive that covers his ropes.[1]

Slipknot was a minion of the 2000 Committee who sent him to murder Firestorm and kidnap Lorraine Reilly. Firestorm was able to foil this plot and save Reilly.[2]

Slipknot later joined other villains in another attempt to kill Firestorm, but he was defeated and ended up in prison.[3]



  • Weaponry: Training in the violent use of ropes; used to hang, maim, hold or otherwise attack his enemies.[2]



  • Unbreakable Ropes: Doused in supremely adhesive chemicals developed by Christopher himself, these ropes are nigh unbreakable.



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