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The Faceless Hunter is a violent outcast of his otherwise pacifistic people. When Starro came to invade his planet, the Faceless Hunter struck a deal with the alien conqueror to destroy his planet - as the faceless citizens were immune to Starro's parasites - in exchange to work for the entity as its herald. He traveled across several planets, preparing for Starro's coming, eventually arriving to Earth. The Faceless Hunter orchestrated in defeating nearly all of Earth's heroes one by one and turning them as drones for Starro. He was preparing to drain the energy of Earth's controlled denizens for Starro until being foiled by Batman, Booster Gold, Captain Marvel, Firestorm, and B'wana Beast. However, the Faceless Hunter had anticipated for this to happen and captured B'wana Beast and brought him to his spaceship, and then uses his power to combine all the Starro parasites and form a giant composite beast capable of destroying Earth. Batman infiltrated the spaceship where the Faceless Hunter fought him before being defeated by his own device, and the Starro beast destroyed only at the cost of B'wana Beast's life.



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