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Gotham Girl is a metahuman crimefighter operating in Gotham City and the partner of Gotham.

Gotham and Gotham Girl made their first public appearance helping Batman save a commercial plane from a Kobra Cult terrorist attack.[1] Being young and inexperienced, Batman decided to take them under his wing to make them better heroes.[2] Due to the Psycho Pirate's manipulation, Gotham was driven mad and used up all of his life force to single handedly defeat the Justice League.

Gotham Girl:Year One

Claire shaves her hair and patrols the city, talking aloud to Hank (who is still dead). She easily defeats the Kite-Man. Batman finds Claire and comforts her, showing her his secret identity and telling her that he lost his parents. He told her that he too sometimes talks to his mom.

Night of The Monster Men

During a hurricane and onslaught of mutated human monsters, Blackgate Penitentiary was attacked. Nightwing was tasked of going to Blackgate, but Claire flew over saying she could hear people screaming, and that she could get there faster. When she gets there, Claire tears through several hordes of creatures, until Nightwing gets there. They both get exposed to a substance that spews from one of the creatures, and they both mutate into monsters. Duke injects a cure into Claire's leg, in turn, Claire then injects Nightwing with the cure. Batman and his affiliates then take down Hugo Strange, who caused all of this, and reverted every one who was mutated.


  • Ultra Powers: Through unknown means, Gotham Girl purchased a set of metahuman powers for herself that is tied to her life force. The strength of her abilities fluctuates with the amount of her life energy she applies to them; the greater the sacrifice, the more powerful she becomes.[3]


  • Power Limitation: Each use of Gotham Girl's metahuman powers shaves time off her lifespan. To elevate the potency of her abilities, Gotham Girl has to expend a greater amount of her life, hastening her death.[3]



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