Quote1 I live here. I'm Clark Kent Quote2
-- Clark Kent (Apocalypse) src

Jor-El transported Clark (Kal-El) to an alternate universe where Clark's ship had never made it to Earth. A young man named Clark came across the super-powered Clark and introduced himself as Clark Kent, son of Jonathan and Martha. In this alternative universe, Jonathan was still alive and on a cruise with Martha.

The super-powered Clark noticed a family photo and asked Clark if he knew Lana Lang. He said no; without the real Clark to tie her to Smallville, Lana had moved away. Clark asked Clark for his phone book and left.

  • This version of Clark Kent was portrayed by Brett Dier.
  • It is unknown if Clark survived the nuclear apocalypse or not.
  • It's unknown whether or not Clark was adopted or not. In the Smallville universe, Martha was infertile until her infertility was cured by Clark's ship. That makes it more likely than not that this Clark was also adopted.