Clay Ramsay was an abusive husband in Metropolis. One night, Superman broke into his house while he was beating his wife, and threw him into Hob's Bay. His wife subsequently left him, and no-one in the justice system could help him. Seeking revenge, he joined the mysterious "Project K-Man", a private super-soldier project. Gaining superhuman powers, he attacked Superman but was defeated and arrested thanks to Steel who figured out his power source and provided Superman with a suit to protect him from the radiation. He was later freed by General Lane, who believed he was needed as a countermeasure against Superman. Ramsey agreed on the condition that General Lane help him find his wife.

His subsequent activities is unknown, but a version of him from the near future was a member of the Anti-Superman Army, alongside two people with similar powers, as a group called the K-Men.


  • Power Absorption: K-Man has the power to absorb radiation to fuel his superhuman abilities
  • Energy Projection: If properly powered he has the ability to expel a large amount of radiation as a blast.



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