Clement Carp, a.k.a the Squid, was a spy turned gangster who operated in Gotham City. His alias was given to him for the ability of his criminal organization to reach multiple parts of the city, all of them controlled by him, the criminal mastermind.

The Squid stole confidential documents while in Gotham, which in turn drew the attention of the local vigilante, Batman. For this reason, Squid and his gang escaped from the city and went to Baja California, where they settle until they could make it to the Mexican frontier. When Batman was contacted by the FBI to capture Squid, he travelled to California and although Squid shot Batman, the vigilante managed to capture the crooks and turned them to the authorities.[1]

After the downfall of Rupert Thorne and Tony Falco, the Squid was poised to fill the power vacuum in Gotham's underworld left by their fall. The Squid was able to capture a giant squid which he named "Gertrude", which he kept in a huge aquarium in his hideout, usually feeding his rivals to it. In an attempt to gain control of the Gotham underworld, he and his crew succeeded in capturing Batman and nearly feeding him to Gertude.[2] Batman was able to barely escape from the tank with his life. After witnessing Batman's escape, Squid started planning his next move against Batman, but before he could even organize his ideas, he was killed by Killer Croc, who shot Squid from a distance to remove him from his path to become Gotham's leading criminal.[3]


  • The name of Squid has been subject of controversy. In his first appearance, FBI agents inform Batman that his real name is Clement Carp. However, during his autopsy, Commissioner Gordon mentions that his name was Lawrence Loman.[4] This is most likley a mistake on part of the editor and writers of the Batman books, who forgot the original name they had given to such an irrelevant character and came up with another name inadvertently.
  • The character who appears in 52 #25, is most likely Squid's Post-Crisis counterpart, who is even less relevant than the Earth-One version.



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