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Cleopatra (69-30 BCE) was a ruler of Egypt.

Prior to her ascension to the throne, Cleopatra encountered the time traveler Rip Hunter who was masquerading as an emissary for Julius Caesar. Rip aided Cleopatra in securing her rights to the throne of Egypt, but Cleopatra later betrayed Hunter, using a mystical amulet to convince him that he was in truth Caesar himself. Fellow time master Jeff Smith (disguised as Ptolemy) rescued Rip from Cleopatra's affections and removed the amulet. Along with the real Ptolemy, the Time Masters fought against Cleopatra's army, a conflict which culminated in a truce that allowed both Cleopatra and Ptolemy to rule in unison.

The real Julius Caesar embarked on an invasion of Cleopatra's domain, but Hunter kidnapped Caesar and handed him over to Cleopatra. Knowing that Caesar was in love with her, Cleopatra used her gift of seduction to win Caesar over, thus halting any future plans of invasion.

Cleopatra had a second encounter with Rip Hunter just a short time later. Rip pulled Cleopatra from the time stream and entered her into a beauty pageant with other notable women of history including Theodora, Helen of Troy and Scheherazade. The four women actually began fighting with one another inside of Rip's Time Sphere. Cleopatra did not win the contest however and Rip soon returned her to her normal time period.


  • This character is a fictional representation of Cleopatra, a real person. More information on this person can be found at
  • Cleopatra was born in Alexandria thus making her an Egyptian, but her actual family line is of Hellenistic Greek heritage.
  • Cleopatra has not actually appeared in a New Earth story, but she has been mentioned on New Earth in 52 #16.