Quote1 If that fire breathing weirdo kills my other self, I'll die too! Quote2
-- Cliff Battles src

Explorer and pilot Cliff Battles saved the life of an old native man in the jungles of South America, and as an act of gratitude the old man gave him the mystical Golden Belt of Zantac, which enabled Cliff to split himself into two people (though if he remained in this state beyond sundown, he would die). Cliff used his new powers to battle injustice, notably taking down the Mexican bandit El Grando.


  • Bio-Fusion: As long as he is wearing the Golden Belt, Cliff can divide himself into two people, capable of thinking and acting independently of each other. When in his 'Split-Man' state, one of his bodies is surrounded by a red aura, the other by a blue aura.


If Cliff remains in his Split-Man form after sundown, he will die.


Golden Belt of Zantac